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Easy DIY Christmas Perler Bead Ornaments

Want some easy family Perler bead patterns that can easily transform into Christmas ornaments?  Look no further, this family fun craft was easy to make and looks great on the tree.

Original pixel design was on friendship    We used the pixelated images to create the designs on boards, melted the beads and attached a Christmas ornament hook at the top.  These hooks are easy to find around Christmas and Amazon has 300 of them for around $5.00.

Our results are below.

Christmas Bell with Holly

Bells with holly Christmas ornament made with Perler beads
Bells with holly Christmas ornament made with Perler beads

Christmas Wreath Oranment

Christmas Gingerbread Ornament

Christmas Candy Cane Ornament

Christmas Holly Ornament

Snowman Ornament

original pixel design by

Our family loves making lots of Perler crafts.  If you would like to see some other designs, click menu at the top or the links below…

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Christmas Ornament Perler Bead Patterns DIY

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