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Game Controllers Perler Hama Bead Patterns

1.  Nintendo Controller

This pattern represents the original Nintendo controller with the word Nintendo represented with red beads.  Colors used were gray, black and red.  My kids had a blast pretending that they were playing, it fit right into their hands.

Not sure who the original designer of the pixel image was, as it was just an uploaded picture.  If anyone finds out, let me know so I can give appropriate credit.

2.  Game Boy and More

Original Design- Jake Tastic.  Perler Beads were made using green, orange, white, black, light green, gray, yellow, light purple and dark purple.


3.  Nintendo Switch

This controller was made by my son’s friend.  He used his gaming box to design his own pattern.  Made from dark gray, red, blue and black Perler beads.  Amazon has a great tray with lots of colors as well as individual bags if you need to order additional beads.

Nintendo Switch Controller Perler Hama Bead Patterns

More Coming Soon

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Lego Rainy Day Fun -Mr. & Mrs. Pac- Man

Lego, Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, old school, arcade
His version of Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man
Looking for a rainy day Lego build?  Or a sunny day Lego build for that matter!  – This fun project was a fun way of spending some time with my 10 year old in his favorite hobby.


Time for some old school fun!  Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man is built completely out of Legos.

To make these, we used only bricks, nothing special.  Mainly yellow of course, but also some red, blue, and black to make Mrs. Pac-Man stand out.  The blue and black bricks were 1 x 1 and the rest were built from a variety of combinations.

I’m looking forward to what my son wants to build next. I’m hoping it might be some ghosts or pellets to go along with this theme. I had forgotten how much fun it was just to sit and build with Legos. Though, honestly, I was mainly his assistant in finding the pieces.  🙂