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Mario built from Lego Bricks with Time Lapse Video

Lego, Mario, Nintendo
Lego Mario

My son is counting pixels once again!  This time he made a Lego Mario using only regular bricks from the Creator box set.   Using blue, yellow, red, and white bricks his goal was to make 8 bit Mario from the classic Nintendo game.  You can buy these bricks anywhere but Amazon also has multiple sets of bricks if you need some more for your collection.

He also shot a short time lapse video showing what bricks he used and how he put it together!


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Lego Mario’s Fire Flower

My son’s latest creation – Mario’s Fire Flower made with Legos.  

Lego, fire flower, Mario
His version of Mario’s fire flower – Lego style.

To create this piece, he only used bricks of different sizes.  Mostly green, yellow and red 2 x 4 bricks.  There are a few 2 x 2 on the ends.  


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Lego Mario Mushroom

Lego Mario Mushroom 

My son created his version of the Lego Mario Mushroom.  On one side, you have your regular red mushroom but on the other side is the green 1-up mushroom.

This mushroom is made from only red, green, yellow and white bricks.  No special pieces required.

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Lego Mario Question Block

question block, Mario, Lego
Mario’s question block made with Legos.

My son is constantly making things out of Legos.  

Today, he made a coin block from Mario.  He counted the pixels and corresponded them  to the correct number of bricks.  

This particular piece is made using only yellow, white and black bricks. Using 2 x 6 bricks on the bottom and building up using different sizes of bricks.

Special thanks to the picture that inspired him to build it..