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Classifying Angles Digital Picture Sort

Digital Picture Card Sort- Students see a pile of picture cards off to the side. Next, they drag the cards into the correct categories.

Digital Sorts! These are great for classrooms that don’t have a lot of time to spend cutting pictures but still would like to sort and classify things based on similarities and differences. (One of Marzano’s High Yield Strategies). I personally love to do sorts in my classroom; however even with 5th graders, it takes so long for them to cut the sorts out. Currently the alternative to them cutting the cards is if I cut them out. With 28 students per class and cutting multiple sorts out, it still takes way too long and the cards get lost in the shuffle of multiple classes. This is why, for me, I am embracing Digital Sorts.

Digital Sorts use Google Slides which makes it super easy to assign students a sort in Google Classroom. Perfect for a quick check practice or review. You could also use these sorts as a whole group activity, for example, a whole group SMART board or Promethean board activity.

To use, students simply open the sort and use the mouse to drag the cards into the right category. The cards are found on the left side of the sort in a stack. No cutting or paper required and the students are still sorting based on rules, similarities and differences. This takes a fraction of the time that it used to take. The video preview below shows just how easy this is to assign this to students and to see what it looks like.

Currently this sort is available on the following sites for $1.25 USD…

Angles Digital Picture Sort

This resource comes with 1 digital sort in which students can sort pictures of different angles into categories. These categories include Reflex, Right, Acute and Obtuse angles. See screenshot and Video above. I have also included two videos with step by step directions that will assist you in using these with your classroom if needed. Once payment is cleared, I will send the document via email. Thank you!


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