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Pokeballs, Great, Ultra and Original Perler Bead Patterns

Its Summertime which means more arts and crafts, more Perler Beads, more games and just more fun!  My kids had so much fun working on these and even after, my son played an entire game pretending to catch Pokemon with the different Pokeballs when they were finished.

Note: When melting them, feel free to melt them for however long works for your family. Mine like them a little more melted than usual to where the colors blend together instead of the bead look.  However both versions will look great!

Original Pokeball using the circle template…

Using the grid instead of the circle template….

Great Ball using the circle template….

Ultra Ball using the circle template…

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Girl Scouts Bridging Cupcake Rainbow

Girl Scouts, bridging, rainbow
Cupcake Rainbow made with 60 cupcakes


We decided for our Girl Scout bridging ceremony to try cupcakes again this year. Instead of spending hours decorating and making the super cute double colors and bridge cupcakes, we decided to create a rainbow out of the cupcakes.  Click here for my post with the super cute double color bridges. 

My co-leaders and I started the process by using empty cupcake  wrappers to create a visual of what a rainbow would look like if we had 60 cupcakes.  This helped us to figure out what colors  to use and how many of what color to order.  (You can do this with any number of cupcakes that would fit your troop.  We chose 60 because the bakery sold them in sets of 30.)  We then ordered the cupcakes from Sam’s Club (30 for $15 – which was a great deal and we didn’t have to spend hours baking and coloring them) and then arranged them on bridging night in our rainbow design.  Our girls wanted to try different icings and were sharing with each other to “taste the rainbow”, which sounds like a Skittle commercial.  The cupcakes were a huge success with the girls.

I would definitely do this again given the chance.  However, it was interesting to me that most of the adults and siblings wanted one also.  Next time,  I will definitely bump the order up to accommodate the adults.  If you  plan on doing this for your troop, you may want to order more than what you need as some of the girls wanted seconds in order to try a different color.



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Branson Ferris Wheel

Branson Ferris Wheel,

My family loves visiting Branson, MO and we have been doing so for a little over a decade.  We have seen most every show, and stayed in a handful of motels/hotels.   We have been so many times, that we even had the pleasure of watching Branson’s Ferris Wheel being built.  Each time we drove by it, a new sectio
n would be in place.  When it was completed, we were very excited to finally ride it.

My family arrived on the Thursday of our area’s Spring Break Week.  It is usually a very busy time for Branson.  However, the Ferris Wheel wasn’t crowded.  We walked almost immediately up to the ticket window.  After a picture against a green screen, we were led to the waiting queue.  The first thing I noticed is that the wheel doesn’t stop to load or unload passengers.  This is a huge time saver for when the crowds get heavy.

From the ground, the Ferris Wheel, in all it’s visual wonder against Branson’s topography, doesn’t look all that tall.  However, when you reach the pinnacle during the ride up, the view is amazing.  The Branson strip can be nearly viewed in its entirety.  The Ozarks visible in the panoramic distance show just how beautiful this part of the country truly is.

The ride took 7 to 7 1/2 minutes to complete the revolution.  When we were coming down to the loading dock, remember the wheel doesn’t stop unless to accommodate a guest, a stewardess asked if we would like another trip.  We happily said “yes”!  We were able to experience the ride for a second time for the same price as only one trip around.

At night the wheel lights up the Branson strip with over 16,000 LED lights that spin and dance many different colored lights that entertains the masses for free.  The lights of the wheel can be seen from great distances.

After our ride on the wheel, we learned from the website, linked here, that the wheel is only new to Branson, but not a brand new wheel.  The Ferris wheel was originally built in 1995 as part of the renovated Navy Pier.  It served as an attraction for 20 years before being sold.  The Ferris wheel has 40 gondolas that can hold up to 6 people each.  That brings the total number of total riders at its max capacity to 240.

Adults 12 and up pay $12.00 to ride.  Children 11 and under pay 8.00 to ride.  Toddlers 3 and under are free.

If you find yourself in Branson, MO and not sure what to do between shows or one more thing before retiring for the night at a local hotel or one last thing to do before driving home, my family highly recommends that you take a spin on the Branson Ferris wheel.

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Back to the Future Perler Bead Patterns

Back to the Future, Perler Beads, Marty, Doc, DeLorean
Marty, Doc & the DeLorean

Back to the Future is my husband’s all time favorite movie and the kids love it also.  When we came across Perler Bead patterns of Doc and Marty, I just had to build it!

Special thanks to the original poster of this picture which inspired us.




We like our beads a little more heated to give it the blended effect instead of the beaded effect.  However, whichever way you choose, they will turn out amazing!




Of course, the DeLorean

These were super fun to build and only took about an hour or so for all three.  The DeLorean was definitely the hardest, however it was super fun.  They now hold a nice place of honor in our Perler Bead Collection!


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Tetris Perler Bead Pattern

Perler Bead Tetris Bricks, craft, beads, perler
Perler Bead Tetris Bricks

This Perler bead craft was inspired by the classic game Tetris.  As I was looking around for a new craft pattern for the kids, I saw this pin for sale on Etsy.  However, when I went there it was no longer for sale, so the kids and I made our own.

We are putting Command Velcro strips on the back to put on the wall behind my desk at school.  We had super fun creating them.

The patterns are below.  Since they were pretty small, I was able to put 3 on each grid.



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Zelda Perler Bead Patterns

My kids and I have recently discovered Perler beads and the amazing fun crafts that you can make out of them.  Perler beads are found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and can be used to make awesome patterns.  Finish them off with an iron and they are perfect to hang up or have cute decorations for a party or bedroom.

Here are a few Zelda Themed Patterns- We will  add more as we find and make them.

#1 – The Triforce – pixel inspiration from Brik 


#2 Link’s Shield – pixel inspiration from pixel art by Brik 

#3 Link to the Past Link- in retrospect, I would replace the top black bead from the right side of the shield with a peach one, as it looks like his eyes are drooping.  – pixel inspired by Deviant Art

#4 – Chicken from Link to the Past – pixel inspired by Kandi


#5 – Link’s Heart Meter

More to be added soon….

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4 Fraction Kahoots!

Kahoot Time!!  My students absolutely love hearing that.  They are usually very quick to get out their computers and log into Kahoot in record time.

If you have never used Kahoot! before, you can create them for about anything. The registration is completely free.  Click here to read my blog introduction to Kahoots.  My husband even created one for my birthday to test our family’s knowledge!  Our students absolutely love them and love competing against each other

The following Kahoots are a few that my 5th graders have used to assist with their fraction knowledge.

  • Least Common Denominator – This quick warm up was adapted from user SrR3ss and has 5 questions.  Students play this game to quickly practice finding the least common denominator.
  • Simplifying Fractions – This game has 13 questions in which students practice simplifying fractions.  Included is 10 math questions and 3 brain break questions.  For example, “Who is this lovable Disney character?” Feel free to make a copy and delete these or add to them.  This kahoot was adapted from user gretchenp.
  • Adding Fractions – This kahoot has 10 questions with 8 of them using math and 2 quick brain break questions.  This was adapted from user petty415.
  • Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers – This kahoot was used as a review before our quiz.  It contained 8 questions: 2 brain breaks, 2 word problems, 3 adding and subtracting with regrouping and 1 converting improper numbers to mixed numbers.

If you need a quick assessment tool or would just like to play a quick game, then Kahoot just may be for you.  All you need is a mobile device (computer, tablet, phone) and your children and/or students will love it!


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Girl Scout Cookie Recipe – Fried Samoas Shrimp!

I discovered this recipe for Fried Shrimp on our bakery website Little Brownie.  Basically uses shrimp and a coating mixture that includes chopped Samoas cookies!  (Samoas are the cookies that are coated in caramel with chocolate stripes – also known as caramel delights.)  This is definitely a recipe that I am going to try out as soon as our cookies come in later this month.  My family loves coconut shrimp so I’m hoping that this will taste even better.

If you haven’t seen any cute Girl Scouts knocking on your door or seen any at the local grocery store,  I am posting my daughter’s store below.  These amazing cookies are available online and she will be selling until March 26,2017! These cookies will come directly from the bakery to your house!

No  matter where you  buy  your Girl Scout Cookies- Thank  you so much for supporting Girl Scouts! AND.. if you get to try out this recipe before I do, let me know how it turns out!


Samoas, Shrimp, Girl Scout, cookies
Fried Samoas Shrimp Recipe


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Math Mistake at Walmart- Energy drinks for $98 each??

walmart, math, mistake
Not sure I will be purchasing any Rock Star Energy Drinks from this location….


So… back to my spiel about why I always tell my students to check their work.  I always ask them a single question, “Does their answer make sense?”  If they say “no,” they have to go back and see what they missed. If it does, awesome!

Someone working at our local Walmart forgot to check their work.  If energy drinks prices are going up to $98 a can, I think I may begin to worry…  However, it did make a great start to my math lesson last week. My 5th graders got a good laugh out of their bell ringer word problem.

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Sour Patch Grapes – A Terrific Treat for Kids & Adults on the Road, Camping or Anywhere

This past weekend we spent the weekend camping in order to try out some new recipes for our summer camping trips for our family and for Girl Scouts.  One of the recipes, we tested was called Sour Patch Grapes.  They were super easy AND a huge hit with our kids.   Special thanks to aspottedpony for the idea.

sour patch grapes mix

First thing we did was start with a bowl of washed grapes.  In a Ziploc bag, we combined two types of Jello Mix, Watermelon and Sugar Free Lemon.

The next step requires someone to coat the damp, washed grapes in the mixture.  We found this to be easier if we just put the grapes in the bag and shook them.

Sour patch grapes
Coating the grapes in the bag



Bag of Jello – Mix


The last step was to take them out of the bag and put them into a refrigerator to cool for an hour.  (I’m wondering how they would taste if we put them into a cooler this summer???)

Once the grapes get cold, you have an amazing tasty treat!  Our kids couldn’t stop eating them.  They will be a great road trip snack or an awesome snack for camping this summer!