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Learning Math While Coloring? Sweet! Fun times with Polygons!

Since its summer time, I have a little more time to look around and add resources to my math class line up for this fall. I found some neat color by numbers (some call it color by code) activities that looked great for the younger grades but not many that would fit my curriculum and level. I thought it would be great to add some of these to my classroom as a review or “if you are finished” kind of thing. Since Geometry is my first unit, I figured that was a good place to start.

First I found some color sheets (they have a commercial license attached) that I could buy and modify with whatever I wanted. My kids had fun and helped me color an answer key. With that completed, I went back and added some numbers, created a worksheet for polygon review and the finished result is here!

Inside this resource I have made a practice polygon worksheet that has my students naming or classifying polygons, both regular and irregular, by the number of sides. It also has a color key which relates the question number with the code on the color sheet. For example, if number 1 is a hexagon, and the key says hexagon = yellow, then the students will color all of the 1’s yellow!

I am hoping this will be a great review for some of my students who are trying to remember their shapes from previous grades. I will either let my students work on this independently at a station, as individual or partner practice, or as a “What do I do when I’m finished” fun activity. Even middle school kids love to color!

If you would like to make your own color by numbers, there are lots of places to choose from. Several on teachers pay teachers have made these that you can modify and sell. If you would like to purchase this polygon resource, it’s currently on sell for $2 or less at both my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Tes store. Links below. Happy coloring!

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3rd/4th Grade Place Value Task Cards

place value, math, 3rd grade, 4th grade

3rd Grade/4th Grade Place Value Task Cards…

were created for my husband’s 3rd grade classroom.  These are great for when his students are working in small groups or in  individual stations around the room.

These task cards are designed to help students practice while he works with small groups in the back of the classroom.  Students can complete the work and then use the iPad or Chromebook to scan the QR codes.  The QR codes link the students to a picture with the answer.  If they make a mistake, they can try to figure out where they went wrong.  This provides instant feedback, even though the teacher is not right beside them.

Another good way to use these cards are to tape them around the room.  Students can then get up and walk around the room answering questions.

The tasks cards have students performing tasks such as finding:

  • Place value of a number
  • Value of a number
  • Expanded Form
  • Standard Form
  • A number and using place value to add or subtract to arrive at a new number.

The only prep and materials that are required are a printer, scissors and some lamination (optional).  I went ahead and  laminated them so that I can reuse these year after year.   If you would like to see them or use them  – click here to find them in my store.

For a free dice game that helps students practice reading fluency and comparing large numbers, please read my post Free Dice Place Value Game- Designed for 4th and 5th grades.

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Kahoot- Natural Disasters- 3rd Grade

kahoot, natural disasters, 3rd grade
Intro to a Natural Disaster Kahoot

This Kahoot was designed by my  husband for his 3rd grade class as an introduction to natural disasters.

The quiz features 8 questions with pictures of different disasters.  The students have 20 seconds to select the name of the natural disaster  in the picture.  Some of the kids had never seen the disasters before and were amazed at the volcano and the tsunami.  (Their definite favorites!)

His students used their Chromebooks and his partner across the hall used iPads.   Both worked wonderfully.

If you have never used Kahoot! before, you can create them for about anything. The registration is completely free.  Click here to read my blog introduction to Kahoots.  My husband even created one for my birthday to test our family’s knowledge!  Our students absolutely love them and love competing against each other.

If you would like to check out a few other kahoots,  I have several with different topics that I made under menu, Kahoots  or just click anything below..