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Lego Birthday Party Food

So.. Your child wants a Lego Birthday party and you need some food.  Here are a few of the ideas that I used.  I hope they will be useful.  

2015-11-22 14.25.03

Lego  Brownies

These brownies were made from a box mix (nothing too fancy), topped with chocolate frosting and M & M’s upside down to form the studs of the Legos.  My son and I made different sizes so we could have 2 x 3 brownie bricks and 1 x 3 bricks.  

Stud Bowls

These bowls full of Lego studs were colored Skittles.  We bought a big bag from Sam’s club and my son had fun sorting them into the bowls by color.  The last bowl was some Rainbow Twizzlers cut into half to add to the color.  

Chu Jellies

My son wanted a Nintendo theme incorporated, as he is always building Nintendo characters out of Legos.  This is a Zelda Windwaker throwback where each of the jellies in the cups were Chu Jellies.  (Plus the color scheme looked great with the Legos.)


2015-11-22 14.25.10

Gummy Candy

These were a huge hit.  I bought Lego molds from the Lego store (you can also get them online at Amazon and Ebay) and followed a great tutorial from Grant Thompson.  His youtube tutorial is below.  I used Jolly Rancher Jello to give it a little extra flavor.  The candy apple was my favorite!

Cheese Crackers

The easiest food item of all.  Slices of cheese on top of rectangular club crackers.  The result- small blocks.


2015-11-22 14.25.14

Lego Cake

This one was interesting and fun to create.  My son has food allergies so I had to substitute ¼ cup apple sauce for each egg.  The result was that it fell apart pretty easy.  However, if you follow the Betty Crocker recipe for the cake- you should have better luck.  The Youtube link for their tutorial video is below.

Napkin & Silverware Containers

My son built these holders out of Legos.  I sanitized them and put 3 different colors to blend in with everything else.  

Marshmallow Lego Heads

One of my best friends actually made these for his party using a recipe from  She used a styrofoam brick painted red and stuck in each of the Lego heads.  It was a great centerpiece for the table.  She also put some in a mason jar full of Skittles.  

I won’t lie, everything took me quite awhile to put all of this together, but it was a fun and a labor of love.  My son and his friends loved the results.  If you use any of these ideas, add a comment below. I would love to hear how your party turned out.     

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Lego Birthday Table

Lego TableNeed a great looking birthday table for a Lego party?  Here are a few instructions to create one in just minutes.  

  • First- buy a roll of green Bubble Wrap like the one made by Duck.  You can buy small or large rolls depending on how many tables you would like to cover.  The bubble wrap is used for the land area of your table.
  • Next, buy some dark blue table cloths.  This will serve as the water.  I bought mine at Walmart for a dollar each.   
  • Finally put the blue table cloth down and use the bubble wrap as a runner.  

We did that on every table, including the present table.  You can choose to leave it or if you want to put out yellow cups and plates to add to the theme, you can.  I bought our yellow plates and cups for a dollar a set at Walmart.

Now if you have time and would like to add another cool touch, you will need to be armed with a computer and a black Sharpie.

  • One of my best friends actually did this for me.  She used a black Sharpie to draw faces on each of the yellow cups and plates.  
  • She searched Lego faces on Google Images and then free drew each face.  She then added some sunglasses, chops, eyepatches and other features to make them a little more creative. For some of the girls, the faces even had lipstick on.  

The final product is pictured above.  The kids at my son’s party loved the table and had a lot of fun showing off their plates and cups to their parents.