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Mario Themed Perler Bead Patterns

Super Mario Perler Beads???  Definitely some of our favorites.  These are 15 patterns that the kids and I have built from Super Mario games.  This post will be updated as we continue to find and build more awesome patterns.

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1.  Mario Question Block

Original Pattern by luvs to knit.  Perler beads used were black,white, and yellow using only 1 grid.

2. Mario Fire Flower

Original Pattern by Miss-Kawaii.   Used 1 grid, and the colors greenblack, red, yellow and white.

3. Mario Fire Scene

Original Pattern by kandiwolf15. Used 1 grid, and the colors light brown,cheddar, orange, gray, sandblack, red, yellow,  and white.

mario, fire, perler beads, scene

4. Toad Playing Mario

Original design by operledittemarie.  I made a couple of modifications to the colors as the original design was done with Hama beads.  We used around 4500 beads, 9 grids, and the colors light greendark bluelight bluedark brown, light gray, parrot greenlight brown, orange, gray, sandblack, red, yellow,  and white.  Also used the masking tape method to iron and pull it off the grids.  Turned out nice and flat- ready to hang or frame!

Toad playing Mario

5. Mario Coin

Original Pixel Image by Kandi Patterns.    Colors used:  yellow, black and white.

6.  Brown Lakitu?

As soon as I made this one, all three of my kids and my husband all came in and said “Brown?”  Apparently he should have been yellow!  Original pixel art- Kandi Patterns.  Used dark brown black, and white Perler Beads  (However should have used yellow according to my family!)

7.  Pipe

Original – Google Zoeken.  Interesting Design, made with black, light green, and green beads. Hoping to put something coming out of it on canvas soon.

8. POW Block

Mario’s POW Block – Original Design – Kandi Patterns.  Perler Beads Used – blue, dark blue, black, and white.

Super Mario POW Block Perler Beads Pattern Hama
Super Mario POW Block Perler Beads Pattern Hama

9.  Mushroom

Super Mario Mushroom- Perler Hama Bead Pattern

Original Designer- minecraft building    Mario Mushroom made with white, red, and black Perler Beads. 

10.  Yoshi Egg

Yoshi Egg- Super Mario Perler Hama Bead Pattern

Original Designer- ashmoon designs, deviant art.

Perler Beads used were white, black and green.

11. Mario 3 Whistle

Super Mario 3 Whistle Perler Hama Bead Pattern

Original designer- not sure (was just an uploaded picture) however if anyone knows, please let me know so I can give appropriate credit.

Perler beads used were  yellow, white, and black.

12. Mario in a Boot

Back in the day this was my absolute favorite part of Super Mario 3! Add to that, the awesome part of changing into a statue in the boot and my teenage brain was screaming.  Original pixel designer – friendship  Beads used, red, black, tan, light green, dark green, gray, and white.

13.  Ice Flower

Unfortunately the original designer of this image is a dead link.  This is an awesome ice flower using Perler beads of blue, light blue, glitter blue, white, black, green, and light green.

14.  Spring

Super Mario Spring made with Perler/Hama

Super Mario Spring, made with green, light green, white, black, brown and dark brown Perler beads.  Original by Ruben Franco

15.  Super Mario Star Earrings

These cute little stars were made using a pixel image from Kandi Patterns.  I used the pattern to make the star out of Mini Perler Beads.  I then poked a hole in the top, attached a small split ring and an earring hook and ironed.  One side I ironed so the colors would blend but the other side I left pixelated to have the best of both worlds.  My daughter loves them.

If you would like to check out some more Perler Bead Patterns, click on the Menu at the top of the page or click some of the links below.

Super Mario Perler Bead Pin Patterns

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