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Undertale Party Decorations – Flowey, Fisk and Napstablook -Perler Beads

Flowey and Fisk Undertale Party Decoration Canvas

Undertale Party Decorations- Flowey Fisk Canvas

This canvas is going in our Undertale Party decoration box and will be hung on the wall in our next Undertale party!  We used Perler beads (aka Hama or Melty beads) to design the mound, Flowey and Fisk.  Next we painted a 12 x 12 canvas black and hot glued the designs onto the canvas.  The result is above!  To make the decorations,  our patterns are below.


Original pixel art- Kandi Patterns.  Made with green, black, white and yellow Perler beads.  You can also use Hama Beads or Melty Beads.  It took 6 grids to make.


Original pixel art by Kandi Patterns.  Used dark brown, blue, black, peach, and purple Perler beads.


This little guy will be placed on the food table.  Going to tape a couple of bamboo skewers onto his back and place in a painted foam block.  This will make a cute decoration!

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Undertale Inspired Keychains & Magnets – Mini Perler/Artkal Beads

Here are a few fun mini bead patterns representing Undertale characters. My son was a huge fan of the game and we had lots of fun making these and turning them into keychains and magnets.

A few Undertale Characters made with Mini Perler and Artkal Beads
Sans, mini beads, perler, artkal, pattern
Sans Perler/Artkal beads
Flowey Perler/Artkal beads
Frisk Perler/Artkal beads
Papyrus Perler/Artkal beads

Mini Perler can be found at or on Amazon. Artkal beads can be found at a or also on Amazon. Perler is generally my favorite bead but when it comes to the mini bead size, Artkal wins out in my opinion. There are a ton more colors and you don’t have to buy the entire tray to just get one or two colors.

Please use the patterns above to make your own or you can purchase some cute ones made from Mini Perler & Artkal beads already made (magnets or keychains) at my Etsy store here for only $5.00+.

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