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Undertale Party Part 2- Straws, Banners, Labels and More

For this part of my party planning, I turned to a little site called Etsy.  This party kit was made by Susaneda Printables in Granada, Spain.  It is an instant download and I’m not sure of the current price but I paid $13.71.    Once I downloaded the pdf, I was able to send the pages that I wanted to Office Depot for color copies printed on cardstock.  It was a great success and I highly recommend it.

This kit allowed me to do all the following for his party.  For the banners, I just used twine from the dollar store and tape.

Undertale Birthday Party StrawsUndertale Birthday Party Straws


Undertale Birthday Party Happy Birthday BannerUndertale Birthday Party Happy Birthday Banner

Undertale Birthday Party Candy BowlsUndertale Birthday Party Candy Bowls

Undertale Birthday Party Water Bottle LabelsUndertale Birthday Party Water Bottle Labels

Undertale Birthday Party Hershey Bar LabelsUndertale Birthday Party Hershey Bar Labels

Undertale Birthday Party Character BannerUndertale Birthday Party Character Banner


Undertale Birthday Party Cupcake Character LabelsUndertale Birthday Party Cupcake Character Labels

For more Undertale Party ideas, please click on menu at the top, birthday parties, Undertale.  Or Just click below…


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