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Today we launched our first store on Shopify- GalaxyofPixels. We have an Etsy store but after a couple of years, we wanted to branch out a little on our own. We are a little nervous as my family enters this new phase but are super excited. If you get a chance, please come check us out. (We have both stores now operating)

Geeky fun pixel art, jewelry, picture frames, framed artwork, vinyl decals and more. Easy to find birthday, anniversary, or teacher presents with new items uploading weekly. Hope to see you soon! We appreciate all of you.

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Super Moms

Super Moms:  Moms who live their life raising a family, being a taxi cab driver, doctor, counselor, tutor, scout leader, maid, actress, accountant, chef, etc to their children. They sometimes may even choose to maintain a career or job outside the home.  

Sounds easy right??

Thank goodness, there is help available and awesome websites loaded with ideas that help us create the ultimate birthday party or crafty idea for the house when we barely have time to think for ourselves.

As a Girl Scout leader, middle school teacher, wife and a mom, the time for myself usually gets crunched. If I’m not grading papers, creating lesson plans or being a mom, I’m usually pouring through Pinterest or other websites in the middle of the night trying to find something to add to the Christmas decorations or a new miracle anchor chart that will help my students understand fractions.  These ideas, that people have posted, have helped me tremendously by freeing up some of my limited time to actually be a mom and do things with my kids.  

The purpose of this blog is to provide some helpful hints to moms and dads, who like me, want to do terrific stuff for our kids, but also have time to ENJOY that stuff with our kids.

By sharing my thoughts, projects, and ventures, I am hoping to join the community of people who have helped me over the years with advice or shared their projects with me. They gave me ideas in which I could build upon and create new ones. This is my way of giving back to that community in hopes that by adding my ideas to the mix, I might be the one to save someone else time and energy. Which then of course can be spent on their kids or on themselves by taking a long, relaxing bubble bath!  

I hope you find some things on this blog useful!   I look forward to writing and sharing this journey with you.