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Discovering Mini-Perler Beads with Avengers

avengers, magnets, mini perler beads
Avengers Magnets made with Mini Perler Beads

MINI PERLER BEADS!!!! I have recently discovered these little gems and they are super cute and awesome!!! You can still build your characters and other designs out of the classic Perler beads, however these Avenger pieces are only 2 ½ cm high compared to the classic Perler beads which would make them 5 cm tall. (see Iron Man below)

Kandi Patterns is great for discovering or making your own patterns.

Just to give you some ideas on the difference in size between the classic Perler beads and the mini Perler beads…

Iron Man, avengers, mini Perler, classic Perler beads
Iron Man- made with both mini & classic Perler beads to show the difference
Perler, pegboards, mini, classic
Perler Bead Pegboards- Mini Version and Classic regular version

The official Perler site has a great selection of both the classic and mini bead versions. Amazon has 4 trays like the one here, and they have a variety of color selections. The small pegboards are super cute but they do take a little getting used to. The tweezers are definitely a lot sharper and have more of a needle nose look to them. However, I had a blast playing with all of the designs and creating the smaller versions. These smaller characters are super easy to put on a key chain, magnet or a backpack clip and they won’t take up too much space.

The little magnets that I have created above are on my new Etsy store if you would like to purchase a character or a set already made, then please go there. I also have Do it yourself kits which have the beads needed or whole kits that have the beads, a pegboard and an ironing sheet so you can make your own.

However, If you were going to do lots of the mini bead creations, then I definitely recommend buying bulk from Amazon or Perler but if you want to get your feet wet with these mini beads, then the set on my Etsy store may be the way to go. The only thing not supplied are the tweezers.

Either way you do it, the mini versions are super cute. You can try making some of your previous creations with the smaller versions and see what you think. Hope you love them as much as we do!

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