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Discovering Mini-Perler Beads with Avengers

avengers, magnets, mini perler beads
Avengers Magnets made with Mini Perler Beads

MINI PERLER BEADS!!!! I have recently discovered these little gems and they are super cute and awesome!!! You can still build your characters and other designs out of the classic Perler beads, however these Avenger pieces are only 2 ½ cm high compared to the classic Perler beads which would make them 5 cm tall. (see Iron Man below)

Kandi Patterns is great for discovering or making your own patterns.

Just to give you some ideas on the difference in size between the classic Perler beads and the mini Perler beads…

Iron Man, avengers, mini Perler, classic Perler beads
Iron Man- made with both mini & classic Perler beads to show the difference
Perler, pegboards, mini, classic
Perler Bead Pegboards- Mini Version and Classic regular version

The official Perler site has a great selection of both the classic and mini bead versions. Amazon has 4 trays like the one here, and they have a variety of color selections. The small pegboards are super cute but they do take a little getting used to. The tweezers are definitely a lot sharper and have more of a needle nose look to them. However, I had a blast playing with all of the designs and creating the smaller versions. These smaller characters are super easy to put on a key chain, magnet or a backpack clip and they won’t take up too much space.

The little magnets that I have created above are on my new Etsy store if you would like to purchase a character or a set already made, then please go there. I also have Do it yourself kits which have the beads needed or whole kits that have the beads, a pegboard and an ironing sheet so you can make your own.

However, If you were going to do lots of the mini bead creations, then I definitely recommend buying bulk from Amazon or Perler but if you want to get your feet wet with these mini beads, then the set on my Etsy store may be the way to go. The only thing not supplied are the tweezers.

Either way you do it, the mini versions are super cute. You can try making some of your previous creations with the smaller versions and see what you think. Hope you love them as much as we do!

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Natural Soy Wax Candle Making for Beginners

SUMMER!!! Summer to me means time away from work that I can concentrate on spending time with my kids, taking vacations and completing projects. Projects that involve learning new things that I have always wanted to learn or crafting projects with the kids or just deep cleaning the house.

This summer I decided to learn how to make candles. This was one of the things I have always wanted to learn and decided that this would be the summer.

Scented candles are burnt frequently at my house as we love the smell and look of a burning candle. However, they can become quite costly when shopping at Bath & Body Works, Yankee or other places. So my daughter and I headed to Hobby Lobby.

When we were first started looking through the aisle of candle making supplies, we were very overwhelmed with all of the options and didn’t know where to start or what even to buy to begin. Luckily we found a Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Kit from Country Lane which had all the things we needed to begin making our first candle. (You can also buy this from Amazon)

The kit included…

  • Pouring Pot (for melting the wax and pouring it directly into the glass)
  • 14 oz of Soy Wax
  • 7 oz jar with lid
  • Votive Flower Pot Container
  • 6 Wicks
  • Color and Fragrance (There was a ton of color in mine- I only used 1 out of 9 squares)
  • Instructions
  • 4 Metal Tea Light Cups

All of the supplies were packed nice and neat into the pouring pot. Once we laid everything out, we began reading the instructions. They were very easy to follow. Inside the kit came 9 green coloring block dyes and a 0.5 ounce bottle of pearberry scent. I used the entire bottle of scent but still have 8 of the dye blocks to use for other candles.

The 14 oz of wax that was included made 4 tea candles, the flower pot container and the 7 oz jar candle. I actually had wax left over that I used to top some of my other candles off. We were so surprised at how easy these were to make, especially since this was our first time and we had no idea what we were doing.

This was definitely a great project and I would definitely recommend this kit for anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn. I know after doing this, I can now order wax, wicks and color blocks off Amazon or walk into Hobby Lobby and actually know what I’m looking at in the aisle. We are looking forward to making other types of soy candles and different scents in the future. We have even started saving our glass jars (ex: pasta sauce, pickels, etc) to reuse so we don’t have to keep buying glass containers. No more buying the expensive candles for me!


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Pokemon’s Pikachu Perler Bead Project

This super cute little guy was based off a pixelated image created by Kandi Patterns and was made by a nine year old.

She used the pixel image to count and drop the yellow, white, black and red Perler beads into place to form Pikachu.

We used the masking tape method (see Perler for more info) to tape off sections when the project was ready for ironing. Using a large piece of cardboard and ironing paper, we were able to get him melted. (Unfortunately, she was ironing it on a table that was old and had some indentions in it) However, overall he still came out pretty great!

Drop me a comment or picture if you try this cute pattern out! Would love to know see your project!

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Rainbow Dash Perler Bead Pattern

This cute Perler bead pattern was one of my daughter’s favorites, (she even hung this one up in her room.  We used the Command Velcro pieces to attach it without damaging the wall.)  Original pixel art done by Kandi Patterns and features a baby Rainbow Dash sprite from My Little Pony.

This piece uses light blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, green, white, black and dark purple beads.  If you need additional beads, Amazon has some great selections.  The tray here is a great variety of beads already presorted.

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Game Controllers Perler Hama Bead Patterns

1.  Nintendo Controller

This pattern represents the original Nintendo controller with the word Nintendo represented with red beads.  Colors used were gray, black and red.  My kids had a blast pretending that they were playing, it fit right into their hands.

Not sure who the original designer of the pixel image was, as it was just an uploaded picture.  If anyone finds out, let me know so I can give appropriate credit.

2.  Game Boy and More

Original Design- Jake Tastic.  Perler Beads were made using green, orange, white, black, light green, gray, yellow, light purple and dark purple.


3.  Nintendo Switch

This controller was made by my son’s friend.  He used his gaming box to design his own pattern.  Made from dark gray, red, blue and black Perler beads.  Amazon has a great tray with lots of colors as well as individual bags if you need to order additional beads.

Nintendo Switch Controller Perler Hama Bead Patterns

More Coming Soon

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Perler/Hama Bead Picture Frame Designs

As we were looking at new picture frames, we thought we would try to make some Perler bead designs that could be hot glued to a frame to make the picture and  frame stand out.   Looking forward to trying lots more designs.

If you need any of Perler/Hama beads, the links will take you to the items on Amazon.   Enjoy!

1. My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash

This was for my daughter.  In retrospect, I would make the frame a few more lines higher to make it a better fit for the frame.  This frame fits a 4 x 6 frame and we bought ours for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.  Original designer – ashmoondesigns- deviant art.  Beads used were blue, pastel blue, yellow, red, orange,  and white.

Perler/ Hama Bead Frame- My Little Pony Rainbow Dash PatternPerler/ Hama Bead Frame- My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Pattern

2. Hello Kitty

This one was for my little sister who still loves Hello Kitty!  Original designer – yumeleona23 at Deviant Art.  Beads used were glitter pink, redwhite, tan, black, light pink.   I love the way it turned out when glued on the frame!  I did use the masking tape method to iron it but I’m sure you could do it either way.

Hello Kitty Perler / Hama Bead PatternHello Kitty Perler / Hama Bead Pattern 4 x 6

3. TV Picture Frame

Original design- my daughter.  She made this one to fit around a 4 x 6 frame.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the picture of the completed project but the design is below.  Beads used – black, light brown, and gray.

TV picture frame Perler Bead/Hama


4. Star Wars – R2D2 Frame

Added it to my Star Wars design post- click here for that post.


5.  More Coming Soon…


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Star Wars Perler Beads

Searching for some awesome Star Wars patterns to add to your collection?  If you need more beads, the links will take you to Amazon.   Enjoy!

1. R2D2

Original Pixel Art by Kandi Patterns. Perler beads used were  black, gray, white, red, blue.  The kids like their patterns melted thoroughly and R2D2 turned out great.



2. R2D2 Picture Frame

Original Design – PerlerHamaParadise. Used the masking tape method on this one and back seemed to come out better.  Fits great on a 4 x 6 frame.  Plan to use some hot glue to attach it to the frame.  Used black, gray, white, red, blue and green.

(Unfortunately, one of my kids had something on the table when it was flipped over and the front got wet and yucky.  Luckily the back was saved so my finished project is flipped from the beginning)

Next, I bought a $1.00 4 x 6 frame from the dollar store, added a little hot glue and it was ready to go!

3.  More Star Wars Patterns Coming Soon

If you would like to check out additional Perler Bead Patterns, click on the Menu at the top of the page or click some of the links below.


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World’s Largest Ketchup (Catsup) bottle found in Collinsville, Illinois USA

World's Largest Ketchup Bottle, Collinsville, Illinois, USA
World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle

So…  Ever found yourself wondering where you could find the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle??  Well, look no farther than Collinsville, Illinois USA.

This water tower was built in 1949 and stands 170 feet tall.  It’s an amazing example of the Roadside Americana era of the 20th Century.  History of this awesome structure can be found  on their website here.  In August of 2002, it was named to the Historic Places Register.

We decided to drive by and experience it on our recent road trip.  It was pretty neat, however I was disappointed that there wasn’t more to do.  I was hoping for a little museum or something that you could go in and buy souvenirs or even a nice picnic spot.  Unfortunately, we were able to just drive by it and take pictures.   It also may have been the time of the year that we went. If we had waited and went in July when they hold a birthday party for the bottle, that’s when the activities come out with ketchup tasting, eating contests and much more.   It was definitely worth the trip off the interstate ( about 5 miles) just to view it and it gave us some excellent conversation after the trip with our kids.



Brooks’ Ketchup is still around today.  To try some of it, Amazon has it for purchase here.  You can also buy it from the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle site as well.