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Multiplying by 1 Digit- Algorithm Method

-In 5th grade, the Common Core math standard is multiplication by the standard algorithm.

-Some of my students came to me knowing how to do it from their parents or from 4th grade, but most were lost.  In order to combat that problem, I started by problem solving with them repeated addition problems.  I made them long so they could begin to see why we needed something easier and faster.  

Once that was established, we made a quick how to guide – and called it the quick start guide. This way if they got lost on any of their steps, they could turn back in their notebook to that page to assist them.

2015-12-09 15.44.11
Quick Start Guide to Multiplication by 1 Digit for 5th Graders

After a couple of days of practicing in whole group, then small groups and then on their own, I gave them an exit slip to see who could do the algorithm and who couldn’t.  For the students who were still having problems, I pulled them aside in small group reteach to work on the skills they were struggling in.


For the other kids, I introduced them to different types of word problems and manipulatives like Versatiles in which the students could continue working on the skills, just at a level above the other students.  Enriching them so they wouldn’t get bored. They loved the manipulatives and called them fun with toys.  

By the end of the week, I had 94% of my students who could compete the algorithm completely on their own.  I felt that overall it was a good week.  

Multiplication, 5th grade, math
Quick Guide Anchor Chart

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