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DIY Lego Christmas Tree

  • My son and I were trying to come up with some Christmas decorations Lego style.  He decided that his Lego people needed a Christmas tree.  🙂  The result….
2015-12-23 17.39.02
DIY Lego Christmas Tree
  • We used brown bricks for the base of the tree and green bricks for the tree itself, making it move into a triangle shape.  At the end, we topped it off with a yellow brick for the star.  
  • To add a little more festive feel, we had some stickers from Hobby Lobby left over from Girl Scouts.  We added some red glitter stickers for garland, and some glitter dots for ornaments.

-No tree is complete without presents, so we added some.  To make the presents, we used 2×2 bricks and a small round piece for the bow.  The tall present was just made from a different type of brick.  You could make any type of present from any size Lego bricks.  

Have fun!   We would love to see some of your tree creations and present designs.

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