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Lego Friends Adventure Camp Bridge Set #30398

This was a set that my daughter bought to go with her Lego Friends series.  This is the Adventure Bridge set and it even has a super cute adventure map Lego piece.  Add to it, the frog and backpack on a movable bridge and you have a cute little addition to any Lego camp.   We found this polybag at Target but you can also find it on Amazon here.

Happy Building!

We have a few other awesome polybags and other Lego building ideas!  Please check out our …

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Lego Brick Halloween Pumpkin & Video

Lego bricks, Pumpkin, Halloween
My son’s Lego Pumpkin built from orange, yellow and brown basic bricks.

For Halloween, my son built a Lego pumpkin.  He used only basic bricks of yellow, orange and brown.

He recorded a time lapse video of himself building it below.

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Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Lego Set & Time Lapse Video

Star Wars, Lego, Kylo Ren,
Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Lego Set


This Command Shuttle had 43 pieces and was fairly easy to  build.  My son built it in about 10-15 min but it is a perfect addition to his Star Wars Lego Sets.

His video is included below if you would like to see how it turned out.  If you would like to see or purchase this set from Amazon- click here..



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Captain America Lego Time Lapse Video

Lego, Captain America
Lego Super Heroes- Captain America’s Motorcycle from Civil War

This awesome set came from Target and my son built it without many problems.  Unfortunately Target doesn’t carry it anymore, but I was able to find it on Amazon – Lego 30447 Captain America sidecar with motor cycle.  It was a neat set that actually shoots the missile!  The instructions and a time lapse video my son made is included below.

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Mario built from Lego Bricks with Time Lapse Video

Lego, Mario, Nintendo
Lego Mario

My son is counting pixels once again!  This time he made a Lego Mario using only regular bricks from the Creator box set.   Using blue, yellow, red, and white bricks his goal was to make 8 bit Mario from the classic Nintendo game.  You can buy these bricks anywhere but Amazon also has multiple sets of bricks if you need some more for your collection.

He also shot a short time lapse video showing what bricks he used and how he put it together!


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Pokeball- Made from Lego Bricks with Time Lapse Video

Pokeball, Lego
Pokeball made out of Lego bricks!

My son added a new Lego creation to his collection.  This time he used Lego bricks to create a Pokeball.  He used red, black and white bricks. Just the ordinary bricks that come in any creation box set.  If you need more bricks, Amazon has a Classic Brick Box Set with 484 bricks here.

He also created a time lapse video as he built it.  He even added music to the 10 second clip.  He said it was super easy and anyone at  any skill level should be able to make it with little to no problems.  Hope you have fun building!



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Lego Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech #30291

Lego, Ninjago
Lego Ninjago – Anacondrai Battle Mech

This was another small set from Target with 43 pieces.  It comes with a mini figure and a battle mech robot. Unfortunately since this post has been published, I haven’t been able to find it at Target but it is still available through Amazon. LEGO, Ninjago, Anacondrai Battle Mech (30291) Bagged   – It was an easy build for my son and looks perfect in his Lego collection.


The finished product!

Lego, Ninjago, Battle Mech
The finished product!
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Lego Elephant – Classic Creator Box

This elephant came from the Classic Lego Creator Set.  My son received instructions in the 1500 piece box set –  Click here to see or purchase it from Amazon.   He turned out super cute!

I am going to try and put pictures of the directions below.

Lego Elephant Instructions page 1
Elephant Instructions 1-4
Lego Elephant Instructions page 2
Elephant Instructions 5-8
Lego Elephant Instructions page 3
Lego Instructions 10-11


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Lego Star Wars Microfighters AT-AT #75075

Lego, Star Wars, 75075
Star Wars AT-AT #75075

This particular microfighters set was a nice addition to our Lego Star Wars collection.  As my son pretends battle on Hoth, the legs of the AT-AT actually bend down to collapse as they are pretend shot or walking.  With only 88 pieces, it was a quick build for him but super fun to play with.  Comes with a mini figure fighter.

If you want to know more about this set or purchase this set, Amazon has it located here.  

The finished product!


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Lego Minecraft Creeper

Lego, Minecraft, creeper
My son’s version of the Lego Minecraft Creeper


This was a fun project for my son.  He wanted to add a Minecraft creeper to his Lego creation shelf.

This particular piece is made completely from Lego bricks. Green, light green,  white and black bricks for the toes and face.  There were no special bricks used.