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Lego Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter #30278

Lego, Star Wars, 30278
Lego Star Wars #30278 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

This was an awesome package from Target that was a quick build for my son.   The Lego Star Wars set was an awesome addition to his other Lego builds.  The package had 64 pieces and the wings move up and down.


The final product!

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Lego Creator Blue Racer #31027

Lego, creator, police car, 31027
Lego Creator Blue Racer #3107

This was the Lego blue racer car that my son received for his birthday.  It was a small set, only 67 pieces, and was another quick build.  It looks great in a Lego city.





Lego, Blue Racer parts
Lego Blue Racer parts

In case you would like to build it with all the extra Lego pieces laying around.






The finished product! Or at least one version.  It is a 3 in 1 set so your child can take it apart and fix it in different ways. The other two versions include a snow plow and a buggy.

Target has the entire set for $5.00 on their website.  The link below should take you directly to it.

Target Blue Racer Set



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Lego Elves Azari’s Magic Fire -Set #30259

My daughter decided to get in on the some of the girl Lego sets.

Lego, Elves, Azari
Lego Elves Set #30259- Azari’s Magic Fire




The final product was super cute!  She didn’t need me to help her at all for this one.

Lego, Azari's Magic Fire
Front View of Azari’s Magic Fire
Lego, Azari's Magic Fire
Back View of the set
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Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype #30275

My son bought this set at Target and loved building the model. We had a lot of fun building this particular piece and with only 47 pieces, it didn’t take that long to get the new set together.

Star Wars, Lego, 30275

Lego Set 30275. TIE Advanced Prototype




It turned out pretty good!  It makes a great addition to any Star Wars set or as a stand alone.

Lego, TIE, Star Wars
TIE Advanced Prototype Front View
Lego, TIE, Star Wars
TIE Advanced Prototype Back View


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Lego Mario Mushroom

Lego Mario Mushroom 

My son created his version of the Lego Mario Mushroom.  On one side, you have your regular red mushroom but on the other side is the green 1-up mushroom.

This mushroom is made from only red, green, yellow and white bricks.  No special pieces required.

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Lego Rainy Day Fun -Mr. & Mrs. Pac- Man

Lego, Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, old school, arcade
His version of Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man
Looking for a rainy day Lego build?  Or a sunny day Lego build for that matter!  – This fun project was a fun way of spending some time with my 10 year old in his favorite hobby.


Time for some old school fun!  Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man is built completely out of Legos.

To make these, we used only bricks, nothing special.  Mainly yellow of course, but also some red, blue, and black to make Mrs. Pac-Man stand out.  The blue and black bricks were 1 x 1 and the rest were built from a variety of combinations.

I’m looking forward to what my son wants to build next. I’m hoping it might be some ghosts or pellets to go along with this theme. I had forgotten how much fun it was just to sit and build with Legos. Though, honestly, I was mainly his assistant in finding the pieces.  🙂   


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Lego Mario Question Block

question block, Mario, Lego
Mario’s question block made with Legos.

My son is constantly making things out of Legos.  

Today, he made a coin block from Mario.  He counted the pixels and corresponded them  to the correct number of bricks.  

This particular piece is made using only yellow, white and black bricks. Using 2 x 6 bricks on the bottom and building up using different sizes of bricks.

Special thanks to the picture that inspired him to build it..

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DIY Lego Christmas Tree

  • My son and I were trying to come up with some Christmas decorations Lego style.  He decided that his Lego people needed a Christmas tree.  🙂  The result….
2015-12-23 17.39.02
DIY Lego Christmas Tree
  • We used brown bricks for the base of the tree and green bricks for the tree itself, making it move into a triangle shape.  At the end, we topped it off with a yellow brick for the star.  
  • To add a little more festive feel, we had some stickers from Hobby Lobby left over from Girl Scouts.  We added some red glitter stickers for garland, and some glitter dots for ornaments.

-No tree is complete without presents, so we added some.  To make the presents, we used 2×2 bricks and a small round piece for the bow.  The tall present was just made from a different type of brick.  You could make any type of present from any size Lego bricks.  

Have fun!   We would love to see some of your tree creations and present designs.