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Girl Scouts Ghana World Thinking Day Hut

Our Cadettes wanted to create a version of a mud hut to represent Ghana at our World Thinking Day.

Traveling Girl Scouts could walk into the back of the hut and get their picture made in the window.  There was a small ladder inside so smaller girls could look out the window.

There was room for about 3 girls inside.

Ghana, Thinking Day, Mud hut, paper mache
Our girls created their version of a mud hut – made out of paper mache, cardboard, expanding foam and mud.


We started this process with a large cardboard box.  To make it thicker and sturdier, the girls used paper mache and added two layers.

paper mache, Girl Scouts, Ghana, hut
Using paper mache to add two additional layers to the box.

While the paper mache was wet, we used lent and expanding foam to make it look like clumpy mud and give it texture.

paper mache, Girl Scouts, Thinking Day, Ghana
Adding the lent to the box

Once the layers began to dry, the paint came next.  We painted a coat of white primer to the outside and then added some brown and black mixed.  We used spray paint to cover parts of the expanding foam.

For the finishing touches, sticks were added to frame the window and the straw roof was made by cutting up a Hawaiian skirt.  Adding a drum that the girls made and used in their entertainment piece along with the flag completed the hut.  The girls loved it and were quite proud of how it turned out.

Currently the hut is in our garage, but we are thinking about reusing and making into a Gingerbread House for our Christmas parade float.

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