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Girl Scouts Ghana Thinking Day Table Decorations

Ghana, Girl Scouts, Thinking Day
The girls decorated their table with diamonds, gold nuggets and shells

Once the hut and flag were created, it was time to decorate our table.  The girls used table cloths that represented each color of the flag.  In their research, they found out that Ghana was a major producer of diamonds and gold.  So… how do we make decorations with gold nuggets and diamonds?

Diamonds – easy!  A bag of party decorations from Hobby Lobby  fixed this or from Amazon.

Gold Nuggets?  – The girls spray painted rocks with metallic gold paint!

Sea Shells?  – another Hobby Lobby or Amazon find.


Facts were next!  The girls wrote their facts that they discovered on colored pieces of paper and glued them on their board.  This board sat directly behind the diamonds, nuggets and shells.

Girl Scouts, Ghana, Thinking Day
Ghana Fact Board


Next…. On to our food treat!

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