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Girl Scout Cookie Safety Bingo

Each cookie selling season we go over safety rules for selling Girl Scout Cookies. The following Bingo Safety game is great for younger girls who are beginners in selling cookies and as a great review for our older girls who are now pros. This is one of the best ways we have found to teach cookie selling safety and is a free resource on Little Brownie Bakers.

Safety Bingo is an awesome way to go over safety rules in a fun way. The directions are found on the Little Brownie website and look like this.

For our girls, we printed out each of the cookie bingo cards – found here in color and on cardstock so they will be more durable (they look like the one at the top of this page). – There are 20 different cards. Every scout gets her own card as we discuss each of the safety rules.

To call out the safety rules, there are colored signs that the leaders can use. They are found here. We just printed out one copy and went over them as the girls covered their picture icons. You can use about anything as Bingo markers. I used the flat glass beads that you can get at Dollar Tree that are flat on one end.  Amazon has them as well. We have also used colored buttons in the past.

The best part about this game, is that each icon is located on every card, just in a different place. This is great for the Daisies and Brownies. By playing multiple games, we are enforcing each of the rules. The girls love it!

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Scout Candy Cane

Last week, we were looking for another easy Christmas craft that our older Girl Scouts could do and came across this in Hobby Lobby. I love easy, fun crafts that the girls can do in a meeting or less and this was no exception.  

Candy Cane


You could very easily buy all the parts to this or possibly may have them on hand.  However, if you’re like me and looking for something to add at last minute, Hobby Lobby sells a box with all of the pieces included for 24 candy canes.  With Christmas sales at 50% off, I bought the entire set for $4.00.  If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, I found a similar set with different colors (makes 16) on Amazon located here.  


Materials Needed

  • 27 Red beads – the beads slide together and remind me of dog bones
  • 27 white beads – same as red
  • 1 piece of wire
  • wire pliers
  • 1 piece of ornament string for hanging – any string will do


  1. Take a piece of wire (about 8 inches) and use the needle nose wire pliers to form a loop at the bottom so your beads don’t fall off.
  2. Give each girl 27 white beads and 27 red.  Have them alternate them in a pattern.
  3. After the beads are attached, use the pliers to curl the opposite end.
  4. The girls can shape the their wire into a candy cane shape, add a string for hanger and Voila! – an ornament ready for hanging.

For our Brownies, I cut the wire and curled the end so they only had to put the beads on in the correct pattern.  Once they had strung the beads, we then assisted them in curling the other end.   

For our Juniors & Cadettes, we let them cut their own wire and do all of the work.  We just assisted if needed.

The result – a super cute candy cane that they could hang on their tree that night.  Even our older 8th grade girls, liked this and several asked if they could do more small crafts.   

The whole craft took about 15-20 minutes for everyone to finish.