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Sour Patch Grapes – A Terrific Treat for Kids & Adults on the Road, Camping or Anywhere

This past weekend we spent the weekend camping in order to try out some new recipes for our summer camping trips for our family and for Girl Scouts.  One of the recipes, we tested was called Sour Patch Grapes.  They were super easy AND a huge hit with our kids.   Special thanks to aspottedpony for the idea.

sour patch grapes mix

First thing we did was start with a bowl of washed grapes.  In a Ziploc bag, we combined two types of Jello Mix, Watermelon and Sugar Free Lemon.

The next step requires someone to coat the damp, washed grapes in the mixture.  We found this to be easier if we just put the grapes in the bag and shook them.

Sour patch grapes
Coating the grapes in the bag



Bag of Jello – Mix


The last step was to take them out of the bag and put them into a refrigerator to cool for an hour.  (I’m wondering how they would taste if we put them into a cooler this summer???)

Once the grapes get cold, you have an amazing tasty treat!  Our kids couldn’t stop eating them.  They will be a great road trip snack or an awesome snack for camping this summer!



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Elf on a Shelf – Part 1

Elf on a shelf, Christmas
Our Elf (Josie) watching Christmas movies

So… this year, we decided to get a real Elf on the Shelf on Black Friday.  I didn’t know too much about this but after reading the book that came with her, the kids and I were hooked.  I am having so much fun finding her in so many new situations.  The kids immediately go to the bookshelf every morning to see if she is there.  If she’s not, its a giant scavenger hunt till she is found.

The other day our elf, Josie, was watching Christmas movies after she got back from seeing Santa! She must have been inspired by the North Pole!

elf on a shelf, Christmas, tree
Hiding in the tree!












The one above is one of my favorites.  I saw several people do variations of this so I was super excited that Josie chose to put green streamers on all 3 of my kids’ doors!

Elf on a shelf, Christmas
Playing Twister?


This one was fun! Josie must have gotten the idea and the printable from frugal coupon living. 

She even found a friend on her way back!

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The Best Cupcakes… found in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bliss, cupcakes, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Bliss Cupcakes from Fayetteville, Arkansas

While traveling, we came across this little gourmet cupcake cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas called Bliss.  They were seriously some of the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life.  They were so good, I had to write an article about them!

You can sit inside the cafe or choose to take them on the road.  The small one in the middle is for our dog.  (Yes, they even make cupcakes for the four legged family members!)  Each day, the menu changes so if you ever get a chance to stop by, you may want to check their website located here.

Inside the box are 2 chocolate vegan cupcakes  located in the back (my son has food allergies and he absolutely thought these were amazing and the fact that they even had a cupcake he could eat made him super excited.)

In the middle to the right is a S’mores cupcake (a graham cracker cake with a marshmallow filling, chocolate frosting, a mini marshmallow, and a piece of chocolate on top.)  The one next to it is a gluten free Butterfinger cupcake (butterfinger cake infused with caramel and topped with a peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle plus more Butterfinger pieces on top)

On the bottom row,  a Caramel Fudge Brownie Cupcake (brownie topped with caramel cream cheese frosting, caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, and chopped pecans)  and a Cookie Dough Cupcake (vanilla Cake with cookie dough baked right in topped with vanilla frosting and a chocolate chip cookie)

Once back on the road, we began looking for other locations.  Apparently they have two locations in Fayetteville, one in Rogers AR, and one in Jonesboro AR but franchises available.  Hmmm……

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Undertale Theme Birthday Party – part 1 (Grillby’s Burgers, Spider Cider, Ketchup & Timmie Flakes)

undertale party, grillby's burgers, birthday
Grillby’s Burgers – small burgers on Hawaiian Roll bread

This year my 11 year old wanted an Undertale Themed Birthday Party.  Now with teaching and kids, I had heard of Undertale but had no idea anything specific enough to throw into a themed party.  This immediately prompted my son to begin showing me the game and all kinds of interesting food that went along with the game.

One of the first things we came up with was Grillby’s and apparently he serves burgers and fries.  We didn’t use the fries but we did make some super cute mini- hamburgers/cheeseburgers using meat and Hawaiian Rolls as bread!




undertale party, timmie flakes, birthday
Timmie Flakes- AKA Frosted Flakes with a sign

Another treat that we found was something called Timmie Flakes – one of the boys literally grabbed one and ran shouting, “Timmie Flakes, Timmie Flakes.” We just used small containers with lids (found at Wal-Mart or at Amazon here) and loaded them full with Frosted Flakes.  Printed a sign from Google Images (again any will do) and put them on a tray.  Super super easy!






For some drinks – we made Spider Cider and Ketchup.  (I have no idea but apparently it’s a thing).  For Spider Cider – we just poured Apple Juice into a jug and added some Halloween spiders to float around inside.  Ketchup was made using Hawaiian Punch which is so much better to drink!  Added some Google image signs and we had some drinks!

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Hershey’s Chocolate World- New York, New York in Las Vegas

On our last vacation, we found ourselves touring the sites of Las Vegas.  As we were walking, we discovered an amazing store called Hershey’s Chocolate World.  Their official site is located here. 

We  had no idea what to expect when we walked into this two story store.  It was floor to ceiling of sweetness and smelled of delicious chocolate!  One of my favorite parts was a Statue of Liberty that was made out of almost 800 pounds of chocolate.

Twizzlers, Hershey's Chocolate World, Las Vegas
Twizzlers had their own department!

Certain different candies had a whole department all by themselves.

Jolly Rancher, Hershey's Chocolate World, Las Vegas
Jolly Rancher area!









There are even whole walls devoted to Jolly Ranchers and Hershey Kisses!!! (An M&M Wall is located down the street at M&M World!)  You can buy all the flavors you like and pay for them by the bag or pound.  Other types of candy like Reese’s and Hershey Bars received whole rooms to themselves. (Be sure to check out the 5 pound chocolate bars!)   You can see better pictures of the Reese’s room and Hershey Kisses wall on their official site.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas or on a road trip, then I highly recommend this stop. It is definitely worth driving into town if you are nearby.   My only regret, and my children’s,  is that I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase to bring more candy home!

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Storage Boxes – Minecraft TNT & Creeper

As we were cleaning my son’s room, we noticed that he definitely needed some new storage boxes for his bedroom.  Most of them were very plain, so I started looking around the Internet for some ideas.  I found some Minecraft  storage cubes that were from an IKEA hack according to Pinterest but had no directions or source of information.  So I decided to create some of my own and use Google images to help me out with some of the drawing.

First, to create the storage boxes, I bought 2 fabric drawers from Wal-Mart, for $4.44 for each.  They weren’t anything fancy but they definitely did the trick.

storage box, fabric drawer
The Fabric Drawers from Wal-Mart. Less than $5.00 each!

I then added a pack of felt to my purchases that was also under $5.00.  It contained both the white and the black sheet that I needed and was Peel N’Stick.  This made drawing, cutting, and decorating a breeze!

craft felt
Package of Craft Felt! – Peel N’ Stick made decorating easy!

To make the TNT box…  (feel free to make any modifications that you like. I’m just going to list what I did.)

  1. Cut a 4 inch wide piece of white felt.
  2. Using my ruler, I drew on the back of the black felt since it was easy to see and cut out 2 letter T’s, about 3 3/4 inch long & 2 1/2 inches wide.
  3. I made one N using two long rectangles- about 1 inch wide and 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1 inch x 1 inch square.
  4. I stuck the white piece on the red fabric drawer and stuck the black letters on top.  The result is below.


To make the Creeper, I used the rest of my black felt sheet to make 2 (2 in x 2 in) blocks for the eyes, 1 (2 in x 3 in) block for the middle piece and 2 (1 in x 3 in) pieces for the side of the mouth.  Started the eyes about an inch from each side of the box.  Result below.

Minecraft, fabric drawers, Creeper, TNT box
Minecraft Creeper & TNT Storage boxes

Now, his room has a couple extra storage containers, not girly, and perfect for a 10 year old boy who loves Minecraft.


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Scout Candy Cane

Last week, we were looking for another easy Christmas craft that our older Girl Scouts could do and came across this in Hobby Lobby. I love easy, fun crafts that the girls can do in a meeting or less and this was no exception.  

Candy Cane


You could very easily buy all the parts to this or possibly may have them on hand.  However, if you’re like me and looking for something to add at last minute, Hobby Lobby sells a box with all of the pieces included for 24 candy canes.  With Christmas sales at 50% off, I bought the entire set for $4.00.  If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, I found a similar set with different colors (makes 16) on Amazon located here.  


Materials Needed

  • 27 Red beads – the beads slide together and remind me of dog bones
  • 27 white beads – same as red
  • 1 piece of wire
  • wire pliers
  • 1 piece of ornament string for hanging – any string will do


  1. Take a piece of wire (about 8 inches) and use the needle nose wire pliers to form a loop at the bottom so your beads don’t fall off.
  2. Give each girl 27 white beads and 27 red.  Have them alternate them in a pattern.
  3. After the beads are attached, use the pliers to curl the opposite end.
  4. The girls can shape the their wire into a candy cane shape, add a string for hanger and Voila! – an ornament ready for hanging.

For our Brownies, I cut the wire and curled the end so they only had to put the beads on in the correct pattern.  Once they had strung the beads, we then assisted them in curling the other end.   

For our Juniors & Cadettes, we let them cut their own wire and do all of the work.  We just assisted if needed.

The result – a super cute candy cane that they could hang on their tree that night.  Even our older 8th grade girls, liked this and several asked if they could do more small crafts.   

The whole craft took about 15-20 minutes for everyone to finish.