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Harry Potter Mini Bead Fun- Sorting Hat Quote

Sorting Hat Quote- Framed Vinyl with the Houses made from Mini Beads

This is a super fun project that my daughter and I made together. This is one of my all time Harry Potter quotes from the sorting hat.

It is OUR CHOICES that show us what we truly are, far more than our ABILITIES.

We used some sparkling paper that we found at Joann’s (Amazon has similar here but not exactly the same kind that we used) and used our Cricut machine to cut the vinyl (black and holographic sparkle blue for a few important words). We used mini Perler and mini Artkal beads to make the houses and added a glass frame. The finished product is above. We feel that it turned out pretty well. (Side note- if you haven’t discovered Artkal beads, they are amazing. They melt great with Perler and they have so many more colors (See Gryffindor house above. I have linked their site also. I was skeptical at first, but now I love them! I have only used the mini beads but I’m sure the regular size would work as well.)

We made several of these and I have hung one of them in my husband’s classroom and another in my classroom in my reading area. They should be some great conversation starters with some of my students in the fall. Feel free to use our pattern above to make one for yourself or you can click here to go to my Etsy store to purchase to purchase one already made and will arrive to you through priority mail in just a few days. They are perfect to add to a classroom, library, living room, den, family room, kids room or practically anywhere.

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Classroom Library Checkout Sheet For Middle/High School

During the normal school day, I teach 5 classes of middle school math.  (This is the part where everyone gets excited and says WHOO HOO!! GO MATH!)

But I love to read and have a pretty awesome classroom reading library.  I collect from everywhere, garage sales, flea markets, book stores, Scholastic, you get the idea. However, I don’t have time to manage the books throughout the school year.  So…

In my homeroom class, I have a couple of librarians, these rotate out regularly, and they are the ones who manage the library.  I keep a clipboard in the reading area with several pages of a checkout sheet and also a book return tub next to it.   The checkout sheet contains places for my students to write their name, date, title and class period.  There is also a return date column on the end.  This sheet helps streamline my librarians work.  They usually highlight the books returned and they know exactly who hasn’t returned a book.

Since doing this, I have reduced my amount of workload as well as keeping my books (they were walking off because I couldn’t take care of it.)  The kids love the responsibility and look forward to their rotation of being the librarian.

A copy of the sheet & label for my tub that I use can be found here…