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Classroom Library Checkout Sheet For Middle/High School

During the normal school day, I teach 5 classes of middle school math.  (This is the part where everyone gets excited and says WHOO HOO!! GO MATH!)

But I love to read and have a pretty awesome classroom reading library.  I collect from everywhere, garage sales, flea markets, book stores, Scholastic, you get the idea. However, I don’t have time to manage the books throughout the school year.  So…

In my homeroom class, I have a couple of librarians, these rotate out regularly, and they are the ones who manage the library.  I keep a clipboard in the reading area with several pages of a checkout sheet and also a book return tub next to it.   The checkout sheet contains places for my students to write their name, date, title and class period.  There is also a return date column on the end.  This sheet helps streamline my librarians work.  They usually highlight the books returned and they know exactly who hasn’t returned a book.

Since doing this, I have reduced my amount of workload as well as keeping my books (they were walking off because I couldn’t take care of it.)  The kids love the responsibility and look forward to their rotation of being the librarian.

A copy of the sheet & label for my tub that I use can be found here…


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