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Pokemon’s Pikachu Perler Bead Project

This super cute little guy was based off a pixelated image created by Kandi Patterns and was made by a nine year old.

She used the pixel image to count and drop the yellow, white, black and red Perler beads into place to form Pikachu.

We used the masking tape method (see Perler for more info) to tape off sections when the project was ready for ironing. Using a large piece of cardboard and ironing paper, we were able to get him melted. (Unfortunately, she was ironing it on a table that was old and had some indentions in it) However, overall he still came out pretty great!

Drop me a comment or picture if you try this cute pattern out! Would love to know see your project!

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Evolution of Bulbasaur Perler Bead Patterns – Pokemon

My son used a template to build these all by himself.  All I had to do was iron.  Original design here.





Beads used:  

Enjoy!  Hope you have lots of fun making your Pokemon collection.

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Pokeballs, Great, Ultra and Original Perler Bead Patterns

Its Summertime which means more arts and crafts, more Perler Beads, more games and just more fun!  My kids had so much fun working on these patterns.  Once the designs were ironed and complete, my youngest son played an entire game pretending to catch Pokemon outside with all the different Pokeballs he created.

The patterns are below.  If you need additional Perler beads, Amazon has a massive 22,000 bead jar that you have to sort here.  OR if you would just rather have them presorted for you, then there is also a smaller set, which has only 4000. Not very many in that set, but they are presorted which will save you lots of time.

To make the designs…

Using either the circle or grid templates, design the patterns.  Then place a sheet of parchment paper over the design.  You can use special paper by Perler or honestly just grab a sheet of parchment paper from your kitchen and that will also do the trick. Then simply grab a household iron and melt the beads together.  This shouldn’t take longer than 10 -20 seconds on each side.

 Note: When melting them, feel free to melt them for however long works for your family. We used a full melt in this version, (where the colors blend completely together) but we also like to iron them lighter to give them a pixelated look.  Both versions will look great, no matter how you melt them!

The Original Pokeball using the circle template is found below.  The circle template, along with a few additional fun templates, can be found on Amazon or at your local Hobby Lobby or Joanns.   You can also make additional patterns and additional Pokeballs by just changing a few of the colors.  Maybe your child would like to create his/her very own special ball.

Using the grid instead of the circle template….

Great Ball using the circle template….

Ultra Ball using the circle template…

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Pokeball- Made from Lego Bricks with Time Lapse Video

Pokeball, Lego
Pokeball made out of Lego bricks!

My son added a new Lego creation to his collection.  This time he used Lego bricks to create a Pokeball.  He used red, black and white bricks. Just the ordinary bricks that come in any creation box set.  If you need more bricks, Amazon has a Classic Brick Box Set with 484 bricks here.

He also created a time lapse video as he built it.  He even added music to the 10 second clip.  He said it was super easy and anyone at  any skill level should be able to make it with little to no problems.  Hope you have fun building!



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Gaming Party- Part 1

My oldest son decided on a gaming theme for his birthday this year.  Since he was turning 18, I decided to do a throwback to all the games he liked to play as a kid.  Pokemon was huge in his life and he still loves it. So it made sense to do a few party favors Pikachu style!

The following treats were made using yellow bunny Peeps, a red edible marker, and black icing for the ears.  Sucker sticks were inserted inside each Peep and then into a foam block.  I used red, white and black paint to paint the foam block to look like a Pokeball.  The middle “button” was made from a small piece of paper with black tape around it.

Pokemon, Pikachu, Peeps, Birthday, Gaming
Birthday Pikachu Peeps!


Mario is another huge game that he played while growing up.  So I began searching for  ideas to make something Mario themed.  Nerdy Nummies is one of our favorite channels to watch on YouTube.  My youngest son even bought me the cookbook for Mother’s Day.  The chef on that show is absolutely amazing!  I have nowhere near her talent but thought I would try and copy her recipe for Mario Rice Krispy Treat Stars.  Mine didn’t turn out as nearly as good as hers, but we did have fun attempting to make them and then painting the foam block to mimic dirt.  The boys loved them!

If you want to check out the original stars, I am adding the link below.

Nerdy Nummies Mario Stars

Rice Krispy Treats, Mario, Stars
Mario Star Rice Krispy Treats!

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