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Scout Banana Boats Camping Foil Pack

Looking for an easy treat to make while camping?   An ooey, gooey, easy treat?  Then Banana Boats may be the way to go.  

banana boat, foil pack, camping, Girl Scouts
My daughter likes hers lightly melted


  •        1 banana per person (may cut in ½ if smaller portion is required)
  •        Mini marshmallows
  •        Chocolate, butterscotch, or other chips


  •        Sharp Knife
  •        Aluminum Foil (Reynolds’s Heavy Duty)
  •        Potholder


Two different ways to do this-  One is to cut a wedge out of the top and use it as a cover for your boat. (Works great when you have a ½ piece of banana)

banana boat, sliced banana
The full banana cut with a slit down the middle.

2nd way is to use whole banana and make a slit  from top to bottom.








Whichever way you choose- the next step is to pack the banana with marshmallows and chocolate chips

Finally, Wrap banana drug store style and cook over coals long enough to melt chips.

foil pack, banana boat, camping food
Drug Store Style Wrapped (throw back name to an earlier age??)




You can use all kinds of variations to this simple recipe.   I use Enjoy Life chocolate chips due to my son’s food allergies.  However, you are only limited to your imagination.  Enjoy!

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