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Base 10 Exponents/ Powers of 10 Kahoot

Powers of 10, Base 10 Exponents Kahoot 5th gradeKahoot Time!! My students absolutely love hearing that and competing against each other.

If you have never used Kahoot! before, you can create them for about any topic or subject. The registration is completely free.

This was a Kahoot my intern created which has 11 questions about powers of 10 or base 10 exponents. In this Kahoot, our 5th grade students practiced naming base 10 exponents in standard, word and exponential form. They used white boards, when needed, to write and calculate the different forms.

Click here to play –

If you’ve never used a Kahoot before, please check out my Kahoot Introduction. If you would like to see some other kahoots, I have several with different topics that I made under menu, Kahoots or just click anything below..

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