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10 Real World Math Mistakes – Perfect for students to find the mistake!

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Real World Math Sales that don’t exactly scream sale… I tell my students daily to check their answers- does their answer make sense, especially in the context of their problem? The following pictures are some examples of people who have not checked their answers in the real world. My students love seeing these, finding the errors and laughing at the mistakes adults made. There are a couple that have no mistakes but still don’t add up to a “sale.”

The following are a few that I have used in my classroom and are some of my students’ favorites. Click on the pictures to go to the original sites.

Real World Math Errors and Fun for Students

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Math Mistake at Walmart- Energy drinks for $98 each??

walmart, math, mistake
Not sure I will be purchasing any Rock Star Energy Drinks from this location….


So… back to my spiel about why I always tell my students to check their work.  I always ask them a single question, “Does their answer make sense?”  If they say “no,” they have to go back and see what they missed. If it does, awesome!

Someone working at our local Walmart forgot to check their work.  If energy drinks prices are going up to $98 a can, I think I may begin to worry…  However, it did make a great start to my math lesson last week. My 5th graders got a good laugh out of their bell ringer word problem.

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See a problem?

Walmart, math problem, mistake, real world
I’m a little concerned about the math here…..
A friend of mine was shopping at Walmart the other day and sent me this picture.  I decided it was a great picture to show my students. I tell my students daily, “check your answer- does it make sense?” “Use your estimating skills”    If your answer doesn’t make sense, then we made an error with our math – case in point this picture!

Apparently its more common than I realized. When I looked up real world math mistakes, I found a ton! There was even an article written for the Huffington Post that showed several errors.  Click here to see it.

I think I will make a slide show for my kids to see….  Might help drive home the point of always check your work and why it’s important in a very interesting way.