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Order of Operations Task Cards

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Order of Operations Task Cards Cover Page

Order of Operations…..  A procedure that my students need to memorize in order to be successful in algebra and higher secondary math.

These task cards are designed to help my students practice while I work with small groups in the back.  My students can complete the work and then use the iPad to scan the QR codes.  The QR codes link the students to a sheet with my work.  If they make a mistake, they have the answer and all the  work shown to compare and figure out where they went wrong to correct the mistake.  This provides instant feedback from me, even though I am not beside them.  It’s like cloning myself!!!

The only prep and materials that are required are a printer, scissors and some lamination (optional).  I went ahead and  laminated them so that I can reuse these year after year. These task cards have both regular problems and test prep problems.  If you would like to see them or use them  – click here to find them in my store.  I am super excited about using these again with my students next week!


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Order of Operations- Matching Game

5th Grade Math, Order of operations, differentiation
A great game with 3 variations and 20 problem and answer cards!

This game is a fun game that reinforces evaluating order of operations with various grouping symbols.  Designed for 5th grade, the game contains 20 problem cards, 20 answers cards. and directions for 3 different ways to play.  Students can choose which game they would like to play or a teacher can vary the game based on needs of students.


May play with 2 – 4 players.  I printed the cards off on card stock and laminated them to make them more durable to use year after year.




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4 of the cards from the Order of Operations game


It is currently on my store at the following site. A great review for 6th grade and works as a homeschool game, a whole class game or a math center file folder game.


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