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Star Wars Perler Beads

Searching for some awesome Star Wars patterns to add to our collection.  If you need more beads, the links will take you to Amazon.   Enjoy!

1. R2D2

Original Pixel Art by Kandi Patterns. Perler beads used were  black, gray, white, red, blue.  The kids like their patterns melted thoroughly and R2D2 turned out great.



2. R2D2 Picture Frame

Original Design – PerlerHamaParadise. Used the masking tape method on this one and back seemed to come out better.  Fits great on a 4 x 6 frame.  Plan to use some hot glue to attach it to the frame.  Used black, gray, white, red, blue and green.

(Unfortunately, one of my kids had something on the table when it was flipped over and the front got wet and yucky.  Luckily the back was saved so my finished project is flipped from the beginning)

Next, I bought a $1.00 4 x 6 frame from the dollar store, added a little hot glue and it was ready to go!

3.  More Star Wars Patterns Coming Soon

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Lego Friends Adventure Camp Bridge Set #30398

This was a set that my daughter bought to go with her Lego Friends series.  This is the Adventure Bridge set and it even has a super cute adventure map Lego piece.  Add to it, the frog and backpack on a movable bridge and you have a cute little addition to any Lego camp.   We found this polybag at Target but you can also find it on Amazon here.

Happy Building!

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Rounding and Comparing Decimals Kahoot

Kahoot Time!!  My students absolutely love hearing that.  They are usually very quick to get out their computers and log into Kahoot in record time.

If you have never used Kahoot! before, you can create them for about any topic or subject. The registration is completely free.  Click here to read my blog introduction to Kahoots.  Our students absolutely love them and love competing against each other.

As the school year starts to gear up,  I thought I’d share a couple of new ones that I found  that I thought were really great.  Looking forward to adding some new ones for my students this year.

Rounding Decimals  5th Grade rounding to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth and thousandth.  10 questions that are each set for 1 minute.

Multiplication Facts – This is a great one that I like to use for a warm up (to get their brains thinking about math and to generate excitement.)  This Kahoot has 17 questions that are all 10 seconds each, testing their multiplication facts.  I tell them the faster they answer with the correct answer the more points they win and they are constantly competing to try and make it on the leader board.  I will definitely use this one again this year.

Comparing Decimals – This is a good one that I would like to try.  However, I’m going to add a few more comparing decimals problems since there are more questions about naming the place value than comparing.

If you need a quick assessment tool or would just like to play a quick game, then Kahoot just may be for you.  All you need is a mobile device (computer, tablet, phone) and your children and/or students will love it!




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Minecraft Perler Beads

Minecraft Perler Beads Time!!   These are some of the patterns that the kids and I have built that have a Minecraft theme.  This post will be updated as we continue to find and build more patterns. with the same theme.

1. Minecraft Logo with Characters

Original Design by Tristanya.

Top picture is the design with the beads unmelted and the second one is the completed melted project.  We used the masking tape method to pull the project off the grids before ironing.  My son is super excited to hang this in his room. If you need more Perler Beads or grids, Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Joanns Fabrics has some great materials.

Minecraft, Perler Beads, Hama, Pattern, craft, kids

Minecraft Perler Bead Design Melted

2.  Creeper

Original Design- Kandi Patterns. Made with green, black, light green and white beads.


3.  Diamond Sword

Original design-   I extended the pattern just a bit to make it a little longer.  Used evergreen, light blue, blue, light brown, brown, and glitter blue.  Could definitely use different colors, esp for the evergreen hilt.



4.  More Minecraft Patterns Coming Soon

If you would like to check out additional Perler Bead Patterns, click on the Menu at the top of the page or click some of the links below.

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Mario Themed Perler Bead Patterns

Super Mario Perler Beads???  These are some of the patterns that the kids and I have built that have a Super Mario theme.  This post will be updated as we continue to find and build more awesome patterns. with the same theme.

If you need additional beads, click the links to go to Amazon.

1.  Mario Question Block

Original Pattern by luvs to knit.  Perler beads used were black, white, and yellow using only 1 grid.


2. Mario Fire Flower

Original Pattern by Miss-Kawaii.   Used 1 grid, and the colors greenblack, red, yellow and white.


3. Mario Fire Scene

Original Pattern by kandiwolf15. Used 1 grid, and the colors light brown, cheddar, orange, gray, sandblack, red, yellow,  and white.

mario, fire, perler beads, scene

4. Toad Playing Mario

Original design by operledittemarie.  I made a couple of modifications to the colors as the original design was done with Hama beads.  We used around 4500 beads, 9 grids, and the colors light greendark bluelight bluedark brown, light gray, parrot greenlight brown, orange, gray, sandblack, red, yellow,  and white.  Also used the masking tape method to iron and pull it off the grids.  Turned out nice and flat- ready to hang or frame!

Toad playing Mario

5. Mario Coin

Original Pixel Image by Kandi Patterns.    Colors used:  yellow, black and white.

6.  Brown Lakitu?

As soon as I made this one, all three of my kids and my husband all came in and said “Brown?”  Apparently he should have been yellow!  Original pixel art- Kandi Patterns.  Used dark brown black, and white Perler Beads  (However should have used yellow according to my family!)

7.  Pipe

Original – Google Zoeken.  Interesting Design, made with black, light green, and green beads. Hoping to put something coming out of it on canvas soon.

8. POW Block

Mario’s POW Block – Original Design – Kandi Patterns.  Perler Beads Used – blue, dark blue, black, and white.

Super Mario POW Block Perler Beads Pattern HamaSuper Mario POW Block Perler Beads Pattern Hama


9.  Mushroom

Original Designer- minecraft building    Mario Mushroom made with white, red, and black Perler Beads. Super Mario Mushroom- Perler Hama Bead Pattern

10.  Yoshi Egg

Yoshi Egg- Super Mario Perler Hama Bead PatternOriginal Designer- ashmoon designs, deviant art.

Perler Beads used were white, black and green.







11. Mario 3 Whistle

Super Mario 3 Whistle Perler Hama Bead PatternOriginal designer- not sure (was just an uploaded picture) however if anyone knows, please let me know so I can give appropriate credit.

Perler beads used were  yellow, white, and black.





12. Mario in a Boot

Back in the day this was my absolute favorite part of Super Mario 3! Add to that, the awesome part of changing into a statue in the boot and my teenage brain was screaming.  Original pixel designer – friendship  Beads used, red, black, tan, light green, dark green, gray, and white.

13.  Ice Flower

Unfortunately the original designer of this image is a dead link.  This is an awesome ice flower using Perler beads of blue, light blue, glitter blue, white, black, green, and light green.

14.  Coming Soon

If you would like to check out some more Perler Bead Patterns, click on the Menu at the top of the page or click some of the links below.


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3rd/4th Grade Place Value Task Cards

place value, math, 3rd grade, 4th grade

3rd Grade/4th Grade Place Value Task Cards…

were created for my husband’s 3rd grade classroom.  These are great for when his students are working in small groups or in  individual stations around the room.

These task cards are designed to help students practice while he works with small groups in the back of the classroom.  Students can complete the work and then use the iPad or Chromebook to scan the QR codes.  The QR codes link the students to a picture with the answer.  If they make a mistake, they can try to figure out where they went wrong.  This provides instant feedback, even though the teacher is not right beside them.

Another good way to use these cards are to tape them around the room.  Students can then get up and walk around the room answering questions.

The tasks cards have students performing tasks such as finding:

  • Place value of a number
  • Value of a number
  • Expanded Form
  • Standard Form
  • A number and using place value to add or subtract to arrive at a new number.

The only prep and materials that are required are a printer, scissors and some lamination (optional).  I went ahead and  laminated them so that I can reuse these year after year.   If you would like to see them or use them  – click here to find them in my store.

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World’s Largest Ketchup (Catsup) bottle found in Collinsville, Illinois USA

World's Largest Ketchup Bottle, Collinsville, Illinois, USA
World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle

So…  Ever found yourself wondering where you could find the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle??  Well, look no farther than Collinsville, Illinois USA.

This water tower was built in 1949 and stands 170 feet tall.  It’s an amazing example of the Roadside Americana era of the 20th Century.  History of this awesome structure can be found  on their website here.  In August of 2002, it was named to the Historic Places Register.

We decided to drive by and experience it on our recent road trip.  It was pretty neat, however I was disappointed that there wasn’t more to do.  I was hoping for a little museum or something that you could go in and buy souvenirs or even a nice picnic spot.  Unfortunately, we were able to just drive by it and take pictures.   It also may have been the time of the year that we went. If we had waited and went in July when they hold a birthday party for the bottle, that’s when the activities come out with ketchup tasting, eating contests and much more.   It was definitely worth the trip off the interstate ( about 5 miles) just to view it and it gave us some excellent conversation after the trip with our kids.



Brooks’ Ketchup is still around today.  To try some of it, Amazon has it for purchase here.  You can also buy it from the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle site as well.



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Pokeballs, Great, Ultra and Original Perler Bead Patterns

Its Summertime which means more arts and crafts, more Perler Beads, more games and just more fun!  My kids had so much fun working on these and even after, my son played an entire game pretending to catch Pokemon with the different Pokeballs when they were finished.

Note: When melting them, feel free to melt them for however long works for your family. Mine like them a little more melted than usual to where the colors blend together instead of the bead look.  However both versions will look great!

Original Pokeball using the circle template…  The circle template can be found from Amazon here

Using the grid instead of the circle template….  Grids found from Amazon here

Great Ball using the circle template….

Ultra Ball using the circle template…