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Baby Boy Shower- Part 2, Fruit, Vegetables and Water

Baby Made with Fruit, Baby Shower, Carriage watermelon

Part 2 of my sister’s baby shower includes an awesome fruit baby laying in a watermelon carriage. My friend designed this by first cutting out the watermelon to resemble a carriage.  We then cut and peeled a cantaloupe in which she cut in half.  Half of it upside down became the baby’s head, while the other half became pieces of his blanket, ears and nose.  Add a piece of lettuce for hair, some grapes for eyes and an actual baby pacifier and you have an awesome baby head.

For the blanket, she used sliced strawberries, watermelon (from the left over part she cut away), grapes and additional cantaloupe pieces.  It turned out to be a great centerpiece for the table.

After the baby carriage, we still had left over fruit so…. fruit kabobs were fruit kabobs baby showeradded to the menu.   We just added the fruit in nice patterns on a bamboo skewer then laid them on a nice serving tray.









For the vegetable section of the table, I purchased a vegetable tray already prepared at Sam’s Club and a bag of peppers.  (I found it cheaper than purchasing everything separately- plus the tray traveled well.)

We cut the peppers into tiny bowls, laid them on the try and filled them with the contents of the vegetable tray.  I was very happy with the way it turned out.



The water that you can see in the picture above and with the picture below was super easy to make.  IMG_4212

My kids helped with this part by removing all the water bottle labels and taping cute, decorative both small and large)  ribbon in its place.







I will be adding more Shower Pics and Ideas in the next couple of days.  If you would like to see more ideas from this shower,  they can be found in the menu at the top under birthday parties, boy baby shower.  Or just click here to get there! 

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Rainbow Dash Perler Bead Pattern

This cute Perler bead pattern was one of my daughter’s favorites, (she even hung this one up in her room.  We used the Command Velcro pieces to attach it without damaging the wall.)  Original pixel art done by Kandi Patterns and features a baby Rainbow Dash sprite from My Little Pony.

This piece uses light blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, green, white, black and dark purple beads.  If you need additional beads, Amazon has some great selections.  The tray here is a great variety of beads already presorted.

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Baby Boy Shower Part 1 -Punch, Baby Deviled Eggs and Pretzel Sticks

Baby Shower Boy Punch DucksRecently I was nominated to throw my sister a baby shower for her little boy.  I immediately started combing Pinterest and the Internet for ideas and was in luck on several of them.

This punch came from and was a big hit.  All it needed was Blue Hawaiian Punch, Vanilla Ice Cream, Sprite and ducks! (You can check out her site if you need amounts of ingredients)

It was super easy to make.  We just carried the supplies and punch bowl to the shower, and it took about 5 minutes to put together. We added a ladle and cups to and it was an instant success.  I highly recommend this for your next shower.


Pretzel Sticks for Baby Boy Shower Food

Another great idea came from which is now a dead site.  However, using the picture, we were able to figure out this awesome little snack.  We used large pretzel rods, white candy melts, blue sprinkles, ribbon and spoon bags (found in the cake decorating aisle).

First, we laid out parchment paper and poured the blue sprinkles over the middle. Next, we melted the candy melts and used a spatula to spread the melted candy over the pretzel.  Before it had time to harden, we rolled the pretzel in the blue sprinkles.  Once hardened, we slid the pretzel into the bag, added a ribbon and had a nice little neat snack!

If you notice in that last picture, the cute little Chex  Mix Buddies treat…..  That idea came from and used cute little blue polka dot cupcake liners that I bought from Party City or from Amazon here.  All we did was add some Chex Mix Buddies and blue Sixlets and we had a great little snack and decoration.

Deviled Eggs Babies- Baby Shower

This idea pictured on the left came from key ingredient. com (Official recipe is linked on their site above.)  These deviled eggs were made like you would normally make  them, but the egg white was cut down and off the side to create a baby carriage. Cute little Vienna Sausages were added for the faces.

The recipe called for chocolate sprinkles for the eyes but I had forgotten to pick some up at the store so instead I used an edible marker to draw the eyes on.  If I did it again, I would definitely try the sprinkles. The marker ran a little and made some small alien looking babies.

Overall, I would definitely use all 3 of these recipes if I found myself needing to throw another shower.

I will be adding more Shower Pics and Ideas in the next couple of days.  If you would like to see more ideas from this shower, they can be found in the menu at the top under birthday parties, boy baby shower.  Or just click here!

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Game Controllers Perler Hama Bead Patterns

1.  Nintendo Controller

This pattern represents the original Nintendo controller with the word Nintendo represented with red beads.  Colors used were gray, black and red.  My kids had a blast pretending that they were playing, it fit right into their hands.

Not sure who the original designer of the pixel image was, as it was just an uploaded picture.  If anyone finds out, let me know so I can give appropriate credit.

2.  Game Boy and More

Original Design- Jake Tastic.  Perler Beads were made using green, orange, white, black, light green, gray, yellow, light purple and dark purple.


3.  Nintendo Switch

This controller was made by my son’s friend.  He used his gaming box to design his own pattern.  Made from dark gray, red, blue and black Perler beads.  Amazon has a great tray with lots of colors as well as individual bags if you need to order additional beads.

Nintendo Switch Controller Perler Hama Bead Patterns

More Coming Soon

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3rd Grade- Open House Picture Frame for Parents and Students

3rd Grade Back to School Parent student Frame!

This is a neat idea my husband came up with for open house. Parents/caregivers and students can get their picture taken during open house as an introduction to 3rd grade. However, this can be used for any grade.

Frame was bought at Hobby Lobby (clearance aisle, yay!!) for about $4.00 and we used a glue gun and ruler to glue each crayon in a pattern around the frame.  We used 9 boxes of crayons!

He used apple clip art to create the apples which he colored and glued on yellow card stock.

The top of the frame was made with items from the Dollar Tree.  The cutout designs came in a package and we just added the poster board letters.  To hold the signs on, he colored 3 clothes pins with sharpies and glued the pins to the frame.  This way he can use it for different events and years just by simply changing the signs.

Overall it turned out really great!  Can’t wait to use it for open house!

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Perler/Hama Bead Picture Frame Designs

As we were looking at new picture frames, we thought we would try to make some Perler bead designs that could be hot glued to a frame to make the picture and  frame stand out.   Looking forward to trying lots more designs.

If you need any of Perler/Hama beads, the links will take you to the items on Amazon.   Enjoy!

1. My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash

This was for my daughter.  In retrospect, I would make the frame a few more lines higher to make it a better fit for the frame.  This frame fits a 4 x 6 frame and we bought ours for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.  Original designer – ashmoondesigns- deviant art.  Beads used were blue, pastel blue, yellow, red, orange,  and white.

Perler/ Hama Bead Frame- My Little Pony Rainbow Dash PatternPerler/ Hama Bead Frame- My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Pattern

2. Hello Kitty

This one was for my little sister who still loves Hello Kitty!  Original designer – yumeleona23 at Deviant Art.  Beads used were glitter pink, redwhite, tan, black, light pink.   I love the way it turned out when glued on the frame!  I did use the masking tape method to iron it but I’m sure you could do it either way.

Hello Kitty Perler / Hama Bead PatternHello Kitty Perler / Hama Bead Pattern 4 x 6

3. TV Picture Frame

Original design- my daughter.  She made this one to fit around a 4 x 6 frame.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the picture of the completed project but the design is below.  Beads used – black, light brown, and gray.

TV picture frame Perler Bead/Hama


4. Star Wars – R2D2 Frame

Added it to my Star Wars design post- click here for that post.


5.  More Coming Soon…


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Star Wars Perler Beads

Searching for some awesome Star Wars patterns to add to your collection?  If you need more beads, the links will take you to Amazon.   Enjoy!

1. R2D2

Original Pixel Art by Kandi Patterns. Perler beads used were  black, gray, white, red, blue.  The kids like their patterns melted thoroughly and R2D2 turned out great.



2. R2D2 Picture Frame

Original Design – PerlerHamaParadise. Used the masking tape method on this one and back seemed to come out better.  Fits great on a 4 x 6 frame.  Plan to use some hot glue to attach it to the frame.  Used black, gray, white, red, blue and green.

(Unfortunately, one of my kids had something on the table when it was flipped over and the front got wet and yucky.  Luckily the back was saved so my finished project is flipped from the beginning)

Next, I bought a $1.00 4 x 6 frame from the dollar store, added a little hot glue and it was ready to go!

3.  More Star Wars Patterns Coming Soon

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Lego Friends Adventure Camp Bridge Set #30398

This was a set that my daughter bought to go with her Lego Friends series.  This is the Adventure Bridge set and it even has a super cute adventure map Lego piece.  Add to it, the frog and backpack on a movable bridge and you have a cute little addition to any Lego camp.   We found this polybag at Target but you can also find it on Amazon here.

Happy Building!

We have a few other awesome polybags and other Lego building ideas!  Please check out our …

Or just click menu at the top… Lego!

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Rounding and Comparing Decimals Kahoot

Kahoot Time!!  My students absolutely love hearing that.  They are usually very quick to get out their computers and log into Kahoot in record time.

If you have never used Kahoot! before, you can create them for about any topic or subject. The registration is completely free.  Click here to read my blog introduction to Kahoots.  Our students absolutely love them and love competing against each other.

As the school year starts to gear up,  I thought I’d share a couple of new ones that I found  that I thought were really great.  Looking forward to adding some new ones for my students this year.

Rounding Decimals  5th Grade rounding to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth and thousandth.  10 questions that are each set for 1 minute.

Multiplication Facts – This is a great one that I like to use for a warm up (to get their brains thinking about math and to generate excitement.)  This Kahoot has 17 questions that are all 10 seconds each, testing their multiplication facts.  I tell them the faster they answer with the correct answer the more points they win and they are constantly competing to try and make it on the leader board.  I will definitely use this one again this year.

Comparing Decimals – This is a good one that I would like to try.  However, I’m going to add a few more comparing decimals problems since there are more questions about naming the place value than comparing.

If you need a quick assessment tool or would just like to play a quick game, then Kahoot just may be for you.  All you need is a mobile device (computer, tablet, phone) and your children and/or students will love it!

If you’ve never used a Kahoot before check out my Kahoot Introduction. If you would like to see other kahoots,  I have several with different topics that I made under menu, Kahoots  or just click anything below..



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Evolution of Bulbasaur Perler Bead Patterns – Pokemon

My son used a template to build these all by himself.  All I had to do was iron.  Original design here.





Beads used:  

Enjoy!  Hope you have lots of fun making your Pokemon collection.

If you would like to check out additional Perler Bead Patterns, click on the Menu at the top of the page or click some of the links below.