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Learning Math While Coloring? Sweet! Fun times with Polygons!

Since its summer time, I have a little more time to look around and add resources to my math class line up for this fall. I found some neat color by numbers (some call it color by code) activities that looked great for the younger grades but not many that would fit my curriculum and level. I thought it would be great to add some of these to my classroom as a review or “if you are finished” kind of thing. Since Geometry is my first unit, I figured that was a good place to start.

First I found some color sheets (they have a commercial license attached) that I could buy and modify with whatever I wanted. My kids had fun and helped me color an answer key. With that completed, I went back and added some numbers, created a worksheet for polygon review and the finished result is here!

Inside this resource I have made a practice polygon worksheet that has my students naming or classifying polygons, both regular and irregular, by the number of sides. It also has a color key which relates the question number with the code on the color sheet. For example, if number 1 is a hexagon, and the key says hexagon = yellow, then the students will color all of the 1’s yellow!

I am hoping this will be a great review for some of my students who are trying to remember their shapes from previous grades. I will either let my students work on this independently at a station, as individual or partner practice, or as a “What do I do when I’m finished” fun activity. Even middle school kids love to color!

If you would like to make your own color by numbers, there are lots of places to choose from. Several on teachers pay teachers have made these that you can modify and sell. If you would like to purchase this polygon resource, it’s currently on sell for $2 or less at both my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Tes store. Links below. Happy coloring!

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Classifying Triangles (Sides & Angles) Task Cards

Classifying Triangles by Sides & Angles for 4th-6th grade

I created these task cards to be used with my 5th graders for our Geometry unit. However any grade can use them for enrichment or review.  I use task cards quite frequently and my kids love them.

Usually, my students will use these cards to practice at their table groups while I work with small groups in the back of my classroom. However, you can also set these up as a Math Workshop station or as a Scavenger Hunt around the room or hallways.

The QR code ensures that my students are not practicing incorrectly. Each task card comes with a code that students can scan on iPads, phones or computers. The QR code immediately pulls up the answer. Students can check their work and figure out if they made a mistake or not. There is also an answer key included that students can use without using the QR codes.

This version contains 28 task cards designed for 4th -6th grade but can be used as a review or enrichment in different grades.

  • Task Cards #1-8 Students classify triangles by their sides – includes a list of choices
  • For Task Cards # 9-16 Students classify triangles by their angles – includes choices
  • Finally, for Task Cards #17-28 Students classify triangles by both sides and angles (no choices)

The choices allow students to practice classifying them correctly with assistance before giving them the card that do not have each of the types of angles/sides listed.

The best part about the QR codes, is that if the students make a mistake, they can figure out where they went wrong and correct their mistakes. This provides instant feedback, even when the teacher is not right beside them.

The only prep and materials that are required are a printer, scissors and some lamination (optional). I also have a set of these in black and white that I have cut out and glued to colored paper since our printer at school is only black and white. I usually laminate everything so that I can reuse them year after year.

If you are ready to use them, please check out my store at teachers pay teachers or I also have them available through TES found here.

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Free Dice Place Value Game- Designed for 4th and 5th grades.


Place Value and Large Numbers – both give some of my students anxiety at the beginning of the year.   We usually spend a couple of days reviewing previous knowledge of large numbers to the thousands place, while moving that knowledge along to the millions, billions and trillions.

This game was designed for my students to play while in small groups.  The goal is a fun way for them to review and practice reading and comparing large numbers.

In this game, students take turns rolling dice.  Each dice roll, gives the students a number to be placed in one of their empty place value positions.  They can then put this number anywhere they want while also trying to figure out where it would give them the smallest or largest value, depending on the variation of the game.

Included in this game are directions for three different variations; partners competing to see  who builds the largest number, smallest number or reads it correctly.  There is also a score sheet at the end.  

In round 1, student each roll the dice 4 times, trading turns between each roll, to build a number to the thousands place. If the teacher tells the students to get the largest number, the student whose number has the largest value will win the round and receive 1 point while their partner earns 0 points.   As an added bonus, I tell my students they must also read their number out loud correctly to their partner.  This helps my students build up their fluency of reading large numbers.

The rounds are designed to increase in difficulty as the game progresses.  In round 1 students are playing to the thousands place, however rounds 4-10 they are playing to the millions place.  My 5th graders loved it this year and it provided a great way to review those place value skills.

This is a free game on my teachers pay teachers store. All you need to do… Add dice!

Perfect for 4th & 5th Grade and that extra challenge to the those 3rd graders who need it! Enjoy!

Dice Place Value Game Free at Teachers Pay Teachers 

For another great place value activity, please check out my post 3rd/4th Grade Place Value Task Cards

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